An Odd Kind of Investment

For the first time of my life, I suppose, I felt an odd emotion. Something that they call “galau”. I’m not even sure it’s Bahasa Indonesia, and I don’t like that word. And yes, for those who wonder, it’s because of a lady.

She made me live in a roller-coaster mood: very happy at one time and sad at another time. I even got the feeling I was being toyed.

Then I made some discussion with myself and I realized it had to stop. So I tried to think what to do with my relationship. Every man needs a life partner, a fiancĂ©e, a wife. That is true, but I don’t like to be saddened because a lady ignored me. Then I got a brilliant idea: I can treat it like a kind of investment!

Let’s say that our concern, time, and perhaps money spent on somebody just like a trade-off we need to pay on an investment (that person). Like buying gold, oil, or stock, you buy them now, hoping that the price will rise and you can make some profit of it in the future. You chose your investment carefully, watching its profile, judging its performance over time, and deciding whether it worth your sacrifice. But you never really know the outcome, you speculate, no matter how smart or how well-informed you are, you can’t see the future. It may rise beyond your wildest dream, rocketing to the sky, just like property, gold, oil, or stocks at some point of time and condition, or it may default and let you wish you had not invest on that bloody thing at all. Interesting events might affect your investment, like: war, natural disasters, scandal (remember Enron?), mortgage crisis, new technology, etc. And in this romantic relationship, you pay the necessary “love” over and over again, wait a little while, hoping that this relationship may get mature and profitable in the future. Then it goes pretty much the same like other kind of investment, it may be a diamond mine, or a chat en poche (cat in a sack). That’s why you have to select carefully, watch it closely, nurture it well, and wait patiently. And you can always choose to put your “eggs” on many “baskets”, just to minimize the loss if bad thing happens. Hey, it’s not like you’re committed already anyway, you’re just investing.

This point of view does help for me. It enables me to control my emotion better, and holds me back from falling to another “galau” state.

So, ready for this odd kind of investment field?

“Attraction is an emotion. Emotions are not based on science. And if you can’t quantify or prove that something exists, well, then in my mind, it doesn’t.” —Scarlett’ O’Hara (G.I Joe Rise of Cobra)