Team Rocket Motto

So, I mentioned at my earlier post that a junior reminded me of my past, and a couple days since then I’ve been scavenging my old files and searching the internet for some old games and anime I enjoyed at good old days.

Ta da, here’s the team rocket motto from pokemon!!!

Japanese Translation English
ムサシ: なんだかんだと聞かれたら Musashi: If you ask us something or other… Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
コジロウ: 答えてあげるのが世の情け Kojirō: The answer we give will be the compassion of the world! James: Make it double!
ムサシ: 世界の破壊を防ぐため Musashi: To prevent the destruction of the world! Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!
コジロウ: 世界の平和を守るため Kojirō: To protect the peace of the world! James: To unite all peoples within our nation!
ムサシ: 愛と真実の悪をつらぬく Musashi: To carry out the evils of truth and love! Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
コジロウ: ラブリー・チャーミーな敵役 Kojirō: The lovely, charmy villains! James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
ムサシ: ムサシ Musashi: Musashi! Jessie: Jessie!
コジロウ: コジロウ Kojirō: Kojirō! James: James!
ムサシ: 銀河をかけるロケット団の二人には…… Musashi: The pair from Team Rocket soars through the galaxy! Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
コジロウ: ホワイトホール、白い明日が待ってるぜ Kojirō: A white hole, a white tomorrow awaits us! James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
ニャース: にゃんてにゃ Nyarth: Something like that! Meowth: Meowth! That’s right!

You can see that the English motto varies quite greatly from the English translation of the original motto. But my favourite is still the Bahasa version:

James: “Jika ada yang bertanya apa dan siapa.”

Jessie: “Maka akan kami beri tahu jawabannya!”

James: “Demi menjaga perdamaian dunia.” Jessie: “Demi menjaga ketentraman dunia.”

James: “Pahlawan yang bergerak karena rasa cinta.” (not sure)

Jessie: “Pahlawan yang bergerak demi impian dan kesetaraan.” (not sure)

James: “Jessie!”

Jessie: “James!”

James: “Kami dua orang anggota Team Rocket yang hebat.”

Jessie: “Masa depan indah ada dihadapan kita!”

Meowth: “Dan aku Meowth!”

For those who have seen them before, I’m quite sure that in your head, you’re reading their motto with their sound hehe XD


Reviewing Accusation on Religion as The Culprit of Violence*TUh7eY2Dx9kYqSWg**RZA5wxMVe*/WhyIDontLikeReligionFamilyGuySaidItPrettyWell.png

It is quite a common trend in the internet today to give negative comments or expressing unfavorable opinions on religion. The strip above for example is implying how faith caused hatred and violence among men who previously didn’t have “reason not to like” each other. Such paradigm can’t fully attributed as their fault, for there were and are wars with actors from one or both side claiming their war as “holy” and made the war attributed to the religions.

But don’t you think it happens to every other cause too? Isn’t the real problem is actually the human? Some people want more power, or want to take resource from others, thus they get up from their bed, searching everywhere trying to find a casus belli to rally people into their side, and religion is probably the strongest one around. Or some people misinterpret, or misled and misguided, into believing that it is their right or obligation, bestowed by the Divines, to incite violence. It is one’s own emotion, in form of hatred, greed, envy, or fear, that motivates one’s hand to strike one’s knife into the heart of one’s kin. Religion is just one from many tool used to justify the violence, manipulated to promote more violence.

It is interesting to note that religion is an important part in society, an integral part that helped society turned into the one we are living in now. If we see violence as a problem, then shouldn’t we see the whole society, rather than just a part of it, as the one who cause it, or the one who is plagued by it. The society is sick, plagued by a kind of cancer which has spread all over the body, and amputating one part of it is not a cure.

Sebuah Pengingat Masa Lalu

Hari ini, seorang junior mengingatkan pada sebuah lagu dari masa lalu

Ooooh ini anime jaman SD atau SMP ya yang kayaknya selalu gw tungguin dulu haha

Ngomong-ngomong, kuliah di FEUI makin santai. Entah karena memang mata kuliahnya makin mudah atau makin kebal dengan penderitaan haha

Saat ini Anton Junior dengan sangat serius sedang mempertimbangkan untuk angkat kaki dari sebuah organisasi, tapi kita lihat saja dulu bagaimana kelanjutannya.

Sampai ketemu di post lain, maaf ya lama ga nulis

XOXO (gaya Gossip Girl)