At Last, Negicco’s “Canale no Madobe” is Subbed


At last, I have done the subbing process of Canale no Madobe. Special thanks and heartfelt apology to Tomomi who has been really really helpful in translating and explaining the lyrics and also waiting very very long for this release, which the blame is totally on my side m(>_<)m.

Anyway, it is another great song from Negicco. Calm and comforting melody, suitable to accompany your lazy evening. I think the lyric is quite sad, hinting that the singer has been left by her lover. But being sung in a cheerful mood by Negicco made me think like they meant to cheer those who felt that way. “It’s sad, we know, but it’s okay! Remember it as good memory and move forward!”, something like that. And it also has some Niigata hint (the city described is possibly Niigata according to Tomomi).

I also want to apologize for the MV quality degradation. I still do not understand what part of my subbing process caused it, maybe the sub burning activity.

Nevertheless, please enjoy and share!


March Loot: Kamei Eri Surprise Package

One of the reasons I am not quitting my current job is that my job provides me with means to purchase things I could not ask from my parents; like idol goods.

Late Christmas present?

I bought a surprise package from a fellow Indonesian fan of Morning Musume.  It was a Kamei Eri package and it is understandable if you never heard of her. She was a member of “old” Morning Musume, entering at the same time with Sayumi, and graduated on 2010. Now let’s take a look at the contents:

Birthday Card


Concert Name Tag? From 10 years ago!


Morning Musume Card; is she supposed to be the queen card? Or joker?


Plushy Key Chain


Her photo wearing cowboy hat 

Hmm… I wonder from which single or concert was this one from? I think it came from the Platinum Era.

Her polaroid photo with her writing

I wonder what she wrote. I really like this one since it gives off custom-made limited product impression with her marker handwriting, not-so-professional photo shoot, and “not for sale” note on the bottom; not like a mass-produced product.


Idol Hachimaki

For that moment when I ever feel like going full-wota mode. But it is outdated -_-


“If you spend your time thinking “I want to become happy, I want to become happy…“
You’ll spend the rest of your days just thinking about how you want to become happy.
But if you think “ah, I’m so happy“? You’ll always be happy.”

-Kamei Eri


Deto SP – Natsu Hito (2015) Aftertaste

I finally managed to watch special episode of Dating: What’s It Like To Be In Love? (Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira), one of my most favorite J-drama. The special episode, titled Natsu Hito, or roughly translated as “summer man” (maybe XD), shown the life of NEET hero Takumi Taniguchi, and the stern heroine Yoriko Yabushita after the final episode of the season in which they decided that they are meant for each other. I do not think I will share the full synopsis of the episode here, but I will share the main theme; jealousy. What will happen if there is a suspected third person in a relationship? What if that third person captured the heart of your loved one, but no sexual intercourse involved? Is it still categorized as an affair? How will you react?

not your normal love triangle, or is it?
not your normal love triangle, or is it?

The most memorable moment in this episode for me is the part when Takumi and Yoriko were lost in the forest and decided to rest in an abandoned hut. After coming clean about their feelings, Takumi talked about the translation of “I love you” into Japanese: “the moon is beautiful, isn’t it? (tsuki ga kirei desune)”. He elaborated how the translation was made by Natsume Soseki when someone asked him about the translation of “I love you” in Japanese. Natsume explained to that person that expressing feeling of love directly to the object of affection is not compatible with Japanese culture and so it is better to express it indirectly by admiring the beauty of the moon, which might be figurative, but still understandable and eloquent. Takumi then repeatedly told Yoriko that “the moon is beautiful”.

What a romantic scene! Totally in different level with most romantic scenes is contemporary dramas.

Next time you tried to confess your love, try “the moon in beautiful”, look at the face of your partner who is likely to be ignorant of the gravity of your words, and breathe in that glorious atmosphere in the air: your partner is dumber than you, at least about Natsume Soseki and J-Drama.

Check out the official trailer at fujitv.

P.S. Ashina Sei is really lovely as Ms.Hikono in this episode ^^.

May Imported CD: Country Girls

I was on my way out of my company establishment when suddenly a security officer shouted, “Anton- san, chotto matte kudasai!” (it was said in Bahasa Indonesia, I just want to j-dramatize a bit [◞・౪・]). Then, she handed me a suspicious brown package. “Ah, I guess it arrived!”. She actually did me a favor, since my company has forbidden any private package to be sent to the office.

IMG_20160513_172426 edit.jpg

I ordered it from a fellow member of a Morning Musume Fan Facebook Group. That person somehow managed to get some pieces below the market price and I thought “let’s get one from him”. It took around two months from the day I messaged him until this package showed up. Want to take a peek?


It is “Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ (Boogie Woogie LOVE / Love is a Magnet / Ranrarun ~Crazy for You~)” single by Country Girls, the successor of Country Musume, supervised by Satoda Mai (the original Country Musume) and controlled managed by Tsugunaga Momoko, the H!P veteran.

I love “Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~”, especially the “ran ra run” part, but the other songs are pretty so-so. I guess next time I will just opt for an album rather than a single.

Anyway, as expected of a single of a major idol company, it came out with some bonuses. I got Inaba Manaka photo and an invitation to an event (if I translate it correctly) which I surely could not attend to.

Great! Another addition to Anton’s hall of cultural products! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

P.S. When I ordered it, it was intended for a celebration present for my self for graduating my MT program, which turned out that I did not. Talking about overoptimistic. But then it arrived near my birthday. So, it is a birthday present for the present Anton from the past Anton.

A: Otanjoubi omedetou!

A: Doumo arigatou!

Negicco’s Plastic Star Subbed

This year will be the 13th year of Negicco, so let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at another Negicco’s old MV.

Tomomi, the translator, has given me the translation long time ago, but I just got the time recently to sub it, plus Tomomi was traveling so I could not asked questions regarding some parts of the translation. But I finished it. Yeay!

Plastic Star probably came out earlier than Gatter Gatter Gatter, since Plastic Star was published in 2010 mini album while Gatter Gatter Gatter was published in 2011 mini album. So this one is really old. Check it out!




Negicco, Ne Badia, and September

To anticipate Negicco’s new single release on March 29th, I have hastened the subbing process for Ne Badia (ねぇバーディア), which involved nagging Tomomi for her translation.

Sorry, Tomomi! m(。≧Д≦。)m

Take a look:

Now, there are some parts of the lyric that you might find nonsensical and incoherent. The cause is that the writer made some outside references that might not be easily comprehended. In this post, I will elaborate some of them with the help of Tomomi, my dear translator in this project.

explanatory comment with red

Ne Badia

Even the title of the song is quite tricky. It is a reference to a popular EWF song “September”. In that song, a recurring phrase sung is ba-de-ya and that same phrase is used in this song. How can I be so sure? You will see why around the middle of the song.

Anyway, I and my translator assume that this song is about a girl expressing her love for a boy with some (Negi)twist.


hasanda tsukue ni mukaiawase

何気なくね 座ったよね

nanigenaku ne suwatta yo ne

We sat across a desk facing with each other unintentionally (or casually)



narenai seiza ni ki o tsukatte

You took care of me because I was not accustomed to formal sitting

“Seiza” (=sitting formally on tatami ), so it is possible that the boy understands that the girl does not accustomed to sitting in such difficult formal position and does not make fuss about it or tells her to just sit the way she wants. [Update! A Negicco fan suggested that “casually” is a lot more suitable than “unintentionally”, and it makes a lot more sense: the boy knows the girl does not like to sit formally, so he just sits in casual style and asks her to do the same]


さりげなくね 心ほぐれた

sarigenaku ne kokoro hogureta

That natural kindness made me relax.


目と目が合うたび 微笑みがえし

me to me ga au tabi hohoemi gaeshi

Every time my eyes met yours



omoi ga afuredasu

My heart grows fonder.



koko kara

From here


あなたに あなたに あなたに 恋したんです

anata ni anata ni anata ni koi shi ta n desu

I fell in love with you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomerare nai kedo

Though I cannot stop it



ima sugu

right now


あなたに あなたに あなたに 逢いに行きます

anata ni anata ni anata ni ai ni iki masu

I am going to meet you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomara nai negi

I can’t stop it anymore! Negi!

Why is there a Negi there? Because it’s a Negicco song and they like to put Negi in their sentences. Konichinegi-negi! Konbanegi-negi!



tokonoma oiteta ai no kabuto

何気なくね かぶったよね

nanigenaku ne kabutta yone

You wore the helmet with the letter “love” that was placed at the decorative alcove so casually

“愛” or “ai” or “love” helmet is a symbol of a famous samurai came from Niigata, it comes from Aizen Myouou (愛染明王), the Japanese name for Ragaraja. Ragaraja is known to be a god that converts earthly desires (love/lust) into spiritual awakening. Since the helmet is unique and it looks cool, a lot of modern replicas are made and placed at decorative alcove, or tokonoma, a room in which items for artistic appreciation, like calligraphy and samurai armors, are displayed, in a Japanese style reception room. So the boy and the girl might be in the same tokonoma with “愛” samurai armor, then the boy took the helmet, and put it on to make the girl laugh.



narenai soburi ga okashikute

your awkward behaviour was so funny

なつかしいね 涙こぼれた

natsukashiine namida koboreta

Such happy memory, makes my tears trickle down.


目と目が合うたび 遠い記憶と

me to me ga au tabi tooi kioku to

Every time my eyes met yours


omoi ga yomigaeru

I remember old day’s memory



ano toki

At that time


あなたに あなたに あなたに 恋したんです

anata ni anata ni anata ni koi shi ta n desu

I fell in love with you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomerare nai kedo

Though I cannot stop it



ima kara

From now


あなたに あなたに あなたに 逢いに行きます

anata ni anata ni anata ni ai ni iki masu

I am going to meet you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomara nai negi

I can’t stop it anymore! Negi!


「ねえ バーディア

‘nee bādia

Hey, Baadia

Again, reference to EWF’s September.




Do you remember

Again, reference to EWF’s September: “Ba de ya – say do you remember”.



ano kugatsu no hi no dekigoto’

the September day’s event ?

Very clear, it is a reference to EWF’s September.


あぁ 風と 水と 炎

aaa kaze to mizu to honoo

Ah, wind, water, and fire

Clever reference to EWF: Earth, Wind, and Fire, but they replaced it with Wind, Water, and Fire



ano hi kara

Since that day


あなたに あなたに あなたに 恋してたんです

anata ni anata ni anata ni koishi te ta n desu

I have loved you! you! you!



kono mama suki de ii no ka na

May I love you as I am ?



mou tomerare nai kedo

Though I cannot stop it



atashi tachi

あなたに あなたに あなたに 逢いに行きます

anata ni anata ni anata ni ai ni iki masu

We are going to meet you! you! you!

Atashi tachi! This is kind of referring to the live concert at Hibiya Park. Negicco is trying to say “we are going to meet you, our dear fans, at Hibiya Park”, which is the destination the girls are going to in the Music Video. It is the similar kind of twist near the end of the song thing with what they did in Idol Bakkari Kikanaide.



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomara nai negi

I can’t stop it anymore! Negi!