The Number 23

Have you ever watched or heard of a movie titled “The Number 23” ?  I missed a movie like “The Number 23”. It’s a Jim Carrey movie. It’s not a comedy…or at least not the conventional kind of comedy. It’s kinda dark. It’s about a person who did something wrong, got away with it successfully, but then voluntarily face the consequence of his past crime. I rarely seen a movie like that. He’s not a kind of some loveable bad guy that escaped with his loot and now lives happily in some tropical paradise. He’s not a villain that a hero kicked to jail. He’s a man. A man who bravely faces his responsibility like he’s supposed to.

We rarely seen that.

“But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.” ~Numbers 32:23


Pinnacle of My Rebellion



I’m officially employed!

Yeah, and what does it has to do with the picture and the post title?

That gorgeous disposal manager is a symbol of my rebellion. My parents refused to buy that kind of “high-spec” trash bin and have rebuffed my request for it over and over again. But I’m no longer shackled. I’m employed! I use my first paycheck to buy that beauty.

So, yeah, and…Hi, dear visitor of my world!

El presidente is back!

not for a while I hope…