Welcome to Anton World, dear visitor!

This place is dedicated to post my ramblings online, mostly about my life, my thoughts, and things I am interested in. At first, I started Anton World to blow off some steam, it was somehow acted like a diary of an immature teenager. Then, I thought I need to improve my writing skill and English fluency, and thus, I tried to consistently post in English and though the posts were still about me, I seriously tried to make them sound a lot more mature. When I was in High School, I met some friends in the blogosphere and it was fun since we could read and comment on each other’s blog. But then, one by one got busy with their life and they wrote less and less until one day they didn’t write at all, or even deleted their blog completely. Not long after that, I also went into a long hiatus. Early in 2015, I received new vigor to write. I thought by myself: I want to do more! I want to inspire! And with that thought in mind, I want to use Anton World as a medium to inspire people.

I like to role-play myself as El Presidente (from Tropico series) of Anton World; a self-centered Cuban-style dictator who always think that his people adore him (they actually do! I made them!) and he is always right. I hope it is gonna be fun, or maybe it is just plain weird 😀

I hope you can be inspired by my post. Do give my posts comment, please! You can give me your criticism, opinion, advice, and other ramblings, so that I can become a better author.

Thank you for visiting Anton World!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes you right.
    We need to express our self, just the way we are.
    Because every single of us (human being) are unique, and SPECIAL.



  2. Artikel-artikelnya makin menarik nih, Anton Junior. Keep up the good word ya…
    Btw, menurut saya banyak juga artikel yg gak brainy, tapi menurut saya brainy loh.. ^^

  3. Hello anton. Do you enjoy old psx games from JP?

    I got a few laugh from your blogs but so i wonder if you d like play and reviw stuff.

    If good lets talk.

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