And it’s finally December…again…

Hei ho! Long time no write…and suddenly it’s December now. Time really flies mercilessly. And look! WordPress gives me my favourite effect of the year, the snow!

I welcome Maria, my new reader and follower (one from a very scarce population), and Arum, another new reader (disloyal reader I pray), and Jeremiah, the new kid on the block after Benny. May you all get something good from my world!

I’m older, thinner they said, probably a little bit grown up, and possibly still in the same level of sanity. I’m on my 3rd semester now and it’s really hectic these days. I got a lot of stories to tell, and they’re exclusively for you, my dear reader! It’s quite interesting that I can share a lot more information without a lot of hassle on my virtual refuge (this WordPress blog, which can be read by everyone on the net) than in the real world with somebody I trust.

Time and will are always the constraints to write another post, especially these months with a lot of things going in my life. I can’t promise you soon, or a wonderful post, or anything you will remember, but I can tell you it’s gonna be something from my mind and it has something to do with me. Wait and see!

I appreciate your comments and before I forgot…

Have Yourself a Merry Christmas !