Update 10-04-2016: Stepping Up the Game


I do not have immediate idea on the relationship between this photo and this post. I just think this photo looks nice to fill the empty space above. Plus, this photo is taken by ex-president of Smukiepixel.

Greetings, reader of Anton World? El Presidente is here. Are you a tourist? or a citizen of Anton World? Well, I have not settled a rule on what to call you. As long as you care for my story, you are welcome to stay.

How is my life going? I believe I have decided to pursue higher education and I am progressing toward that goal. I took IELTS test last month and I scored an 8, a satisfactory result I must admit, though my writing score is below expectation. I also booked a private teacher for GRE test and she will help me for about four weeks on the preparation. As for the university I am pursuing, it is Doshisha University, specifically its Global MBA program which provided popular culture management study. I also consider MBA-IB program of University of Tsukuba, Waseda University’s International Culture and Communication study,  Waseda University’s Human Science study, and Waseda University’s MBA program.

Other stuff in my life includes my effort to write more. I have been trying to be more active at Negicco.club and I have also signed up as an author in Akibanation.com. Writing for those sites poses considerable challenge for me, especially Akibanation which requires me to write no less than 350 words for each post, consider the density of my keywords, and give more concern to the SEO-ness of my post. Furthermore, since both of them are not my personal blog, I am inclined to put some standards on my posts, specifically about the structure, punctuation, pronoun, clause, and repetition of word. I hope these extra tasks will be a useful experience to improve myself.

In other news, my dear overlord of Sakura Gakuin has graduated. Isonon Rinon has graduated together with Shirai Saki and Ooga Saki this March. I must admit her graduation took away some part of my fondness of Sakura Gakuin. This group will not be the same with what it was under her watch. Her outstanding improvement through those years in Sakura Gakuin, her cheerful smile, her calm leadership, and her jolly dance are what kept me hooked on the group even after Marina’s graduation (and those generations before her). I doubt I will love the new generation of Sakura Gakuin at the same level, but I love to be proven wrong on this.

So, farewell, Overlord Rinon!

My drawing for Ms.Isono on her past birthday.

It is an Obi


As you might have known from my previous posts, I have collected some imported CDs from Japan, actually just two. And I found that both have little paper put at the side of the case.

I thought they might have some perk, but as I carefully examine them I found nothing extraordinary. Well, they are Japanese products, I thought. Only Japanese can understand their own product.

Well, I found out an information about that paper. It is called Obi.

Originally, obi is a part of traditional Japanese dress. It is a kind of sash and is used to fasten robes, but as time goes by, its practical usage got overshadowed by its function as ceremonial accessory. The same word is then used for a strip of paper looped around a book with some information about the book; mainly the book title, price, and publisher. After the emergence of CDs, obi is also used to give information about the CD e.g. title, version, track listing, price, catalog number. It is usually wrapped around the left hand spine of the item. But do not consider obi useless and dispose it right after you open the product. CD with an intact obi can worth more than the same item without, and there are even some people out there who consider obi-s as collectible items. So, do not throw it away!

Interesting, is it not? Do you have it too? Maybe not an obi, but something in you that might not appear to be extraordinary, but describes who you are and make you worth more.