Governed by Fiction?

Definition of fiction


  • [mass noun] literature in the form of prose, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people.
  • something that is invented or untrue:they were supposed to be keeping up the fiction that they were happily married

What crosses your mind when the word “fiction” comes out? I took the above definition from Taken from the so-called “the world’s most trusted dictionaries”

Have you ever thought about time? You have to get up at 6, get to school at 8, sleep at 9. Isn’t time, or clock, supposed to reflect or explain the movement of the sun, the dawn, the dusk, and everything, but now we ask ourselves why the sun hasn’t set when it’s 7 PM, as if the sun ought to obey our time, and it doesn’t crossed our mind that the whole way we describe time must change because it is no longer accurate to describe the position of the sun. We have standard time, we have GMT, we have metric for time, but it is just something the scientists agree of, it’s possible the time as we know it is also classified as fiction, don’t you think? Time is invented by men. Maybe not “invented” as in intentionally put to cheat or lie to others, but how can we be so sure that it is true or that it is not imaginary? Is time another example of fiction?

And the government. What is it? An institution that has right to govern over people. How does it get its right? Some theory exists, one mention about social contract. But we seldom question it; its existence is so normal around us that we forgot to ask whether it actually is or just another fiction that people created.

Do you know that California was based on fiction too? And Indians,  indigenous people of America…they’re not even living in India…but we keep calling them Indians. There are so many aspects in our life occupy that gray area; whether it’s real or not real. Why do we have to live the way we live? Why do we have to obey the society that told us that being rich is being happy? Being slim is being beautiful? Being white is prettier? Aren’t it all fictitious?

This post is quite confusing, isn’t it? Welcome to Anton World.