Damsel in Distress in a Public Transport

This story happened a couple months ago. It looked like another routine commuting morning. I was in my usual morning train heading to the place where I would toil until dusk. The assumed regularity of the morning was thwarted after a brief stop at Tanah Abang, as a woman sitting beside me informed a younger lady in front of her of the condition of the lady’s sling bag which was unzipped. The lady, who was previously unaware of it, frantically checked her bag and sadly concluded that she had lost her cellphone.

She was clearly panicked and started to sob while trying to ask a middle-aged woman beside her for help to contact her family. This middle-aged woman kept telling the younger lady to wait for some moment while appeared to do some setting with her phone, but I could see from her screen that she was just opening and closing her WhatsApp repeatedly.

Thus, I lend my phone and let her called her family. Never did that before. I felt like a knight-in-shining-armour (phone?) haha