Indonesian’s Eleven

Indonesian’s Eleven, you are the eleven finest players we got. You are the hope of this people, of us. We, who have lost everything, living in a hopeless life, frightened by the future, choked by our present condition. We have nothing to live for. But you give us hope. You give us a reason to live, to yell, to cry, to jump in euphoria!

When you cry, we cry. When you’re hurt, we feel it too. When somebody do something wrong to you, like a cub parents, we’ll make sure they won’t go home in piece. When you’re happy, we have a big party in our heart.

You carry a very heavy burden, our hope, our expectation, and we’re sorry for that. But what can we do about it? You are the embodiment of glory we’ve never had in reality. Even if it’s just a glimpse, or even an illusion, it’s enough, it’s even more than enough!

Thank you for everything! Thank you for uniting us here, crossing borders and difference. Thank you for burning our heart! Thank you for this hope!

Whatever the outcome today, we know you’ve won!!!



My Umbrella

yellow umbrella
Image by solidether via Flickr

I have an umbrella, a big one, it gives a larger protection from water drops because of its size, and it is strong, a lot stronger than average compact umbrella. And I just love it when rain falls and I have my umbrella on my hand. But in the same time, it is troublesome when it is not raining ’cause I have to carry it everywhere. Remember I mentioned “big”? It is like carrying a longsword of a medieval knight.

They say one must prepare an umbrella before rain pours, and that means I have to carry my umbrella everywhere all the time. That’s not practical at all. And the funny thing is when I carry my umbrella, although I know I will get wet, I expect some heavy rain to fall, so that my umbrella won’t be useless.

Remember the quote: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” by John A. Shedd ?

So, there are unfortunate events in life that we dislike, and we prepared ourselves very well for that events, but somehow, because of that preparations, we expect those unfortunate events to happen.

Now let’s take that little bizarre theory into another example. Consider an armed force, an element that almost every nation has, don’t you think they would wish a clash will happen? Do you think a soldier would go through all the long and harsh training without hoping that one day his honed skill will be utilized? Or a police man, without a thief to catch?

It makes wonder, is it possible that some unfortunate events, are propagated by the very people designated to face them?