Ingat Linda

Entah kenapa akhir-akhir ini gw inget sama si Linda.

Dan yang paling berkesan dari dia di otak gw, dia itu cewek pertama yang bilang gw lebih ganteng kalo senyum daripada muka serius.

Makasih, Lin!


Pesta Sweet 17 temen gw..

Hari ini, 31 Januari 2009, malamnya ada pesta ultah ke 17 teman gw yang masuk jurusan IPA di Kelapa Gading. Ultahnya sih tgl 26 Januari, tapi pestanya tgl 31 ini.

Gw sebenarnya lagi kesal sama tuh cewek (temen gw yg ultah ini) karena satu kalimat yang dia ucapkan yang bikin gw marah dan gw sudah merencanakan ga akan dateng ke pesta ultahnya. Alasannya gampang, tinggal bilang ga ada yang anter.

Tapi, tiba-tiba gw keinget pesta Sweet 17 si Mercia di Ritz Carlton tgl 14 Desember 2008 kemaren. Yang paling buat gw senang luar biasa itu bukannya kemegahan ruangannya, penyanyinya, EO yang bagus, makanan yang enak, ataupun acaranya sendiri. Yang membuat gw sangat bergembira adalah sebuah percakapan kecil dengan Mercia saat games terakhir (Kalau tidak salah namanya Polonia atau apa gitu, yang lompat-lompat dan lari-lari di ruangan yang gelap dengan musik yang keras).

Begini percakapannya:

Anton:  Mercia, selamat ulang tahun, ya! (sambil menjulurkan tangan)

Mercia: Makasih! (berjabat tangan dengan Anton)

Anton:  Masih inget ga, gw namanya siapa?

Mercia: Inget lah! Anton kan?!

Hehe.. ga ada yang aneh dari percakapannya kan? Tapi gw sangat senang. Pasalnya, Mercia itu sebenernya ga terlalu kenal sama gw. Dia itu anak kelas 12 Internasional dan sangat jarang ketemu sama gw. Gw cuman ketemu dia saat rapat-rapat Q (itupun ga selalu bertegur sapa). Mercia bisa inget gw adalah sesuatu yang sangat di luar ekspetasi gw dan benar-benar membuat gw gembira.

Saat gw inget percakapan itu, rasa marah gw reda. Malah merasa seperti orang bodoh.  Sepertinya Tuhan mengingatkan gw pada arti persahabatan. Masakan hanya karena masalah sepele gw menjauhi temen gw?

Ga lama kemudian, cewek yang bakal pesta ultah itu telpon ke HP. Dia memastikan apakah gw akan datang atau enggak (sebagai catatan, dia ga tau gw marah, karena gw emang ga menunjukkan tanda-tanda marah).

Dan gw jawab: Ya, gw pasti dateng.

Ga ada lagi masalah diantara kita.

Malahan, gw jadi anak pemegang lilin yang ke 16 dadakan di pestanya itu. Sama sekali tak terduga.

Tuhan, makasih, ya!

Gimana jadinya kalo gw masih marah dan ga dateng hari itu?! Bisa-bisa gw buang muka tiap liat dia.

Btw, pulang dari pestanya gw sakit perut. Ga tau kenapa…

Coffee Hallucination?

“My frappuccino makes me see dead people.”

You could be getting more than you paid for the next time you visit a Starbucks – and I’m not talking about free whipped cream and those yummy chocolate sprinkles. A recent study has found that people who consume loads of caffeine are more likely to see and hear things that aren’t really there *hums X-Files theme*…

Apparently when you’re stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisol. When combined with coffee, the amount of cortisol increases and may cause hallucinations. Talk about giving a new meaning to the words “coffee buzz”.

—By Fozzie, Habbo AU Staff

Signature Reading

The new consultant teacher named Novy (or something like that) taught my class two days ago.

Well, not really “taught”, but more to played with my class.

She told us to give her our autograph written with pencil.

And guess what!

She can read our personality through those signatures!

What a great skill she possess!

It’s like a magic trick, though I know she got it from psychology class she attended.

Then she read the autographs one by one in front of the class. And suddenly she came to mine!

Before she read it, she asked for my permission first.

Wow, that was unusual! The only person she asked for permission was just me. Anyway, my signature is so clear, even a kid can read my name clearly. So I thought she would just say,”The one who possess this signature is an honest person, so open and frank.” (at least something normal like that)

But apparently my prediction was wrong.

She said, “This person is an “easyly-stressed” type. Even something that people think as something normal, he considers it as failure. A minor loss for people would be as bad as a falling sky for him. When people only remember their simple blunder for one or two hours, this person grieves at it for one or two days. Very likely to get stressed.”

Wow! That was something!

She really did read me!

One example is when I knew the Q (a small organization in my school) leadership was given to Floriani instead of me. I was craving to be the new leader of Q. I want to change the whole system (which I despised so much) with the new power bestowed upon me. But apparently, everything turned not the way I wanted to.

Geez, I was so sad. My hope was thwarted mercilessly. And I still can’t get that feeling out from my mind. What a heart-breaker!

I really need help with my personality…

Girls, forgive me…

There were a lot of people I’ve hurt in  my life and it seems I can’t forget about it.

I want to say “I’m sorry. How can I make it right?” but I just can’t.

Well, apparently I want to type about the girls right now, so the men would wait for good.

Some of the gals I’ve hurt are:

—My Mom

My mom has given everything for my sake. She has a great expectation on me. It was her dream that I would make it to UI (University of Indonesia). Yes, that was her dream. She came from a small town, and UI was like “the greatest university an Indonesian can go to”. She failed when she was young, and she wanted me to go there to fulfill the dream she failed.

Well, at least until my progress report. She saw my progress report, it was bad enough to shatter a dream, not to mention that I had no choice but to go to the social study class. It wasn’t bad for me, but a real slap on her face it was. A slap to wake her up from her dream. Her son is not good enough for UI. Now, she does not talk about UI like she usually did.

She did not say it. But I know, the day she saw my report…

she was really disappointed.

Mom, I’m sorry…

I mean it.


I was a first grader back then. Ms. Maria was my teacher. My class was at the second floor, San Marino elementary school.

I can still remember like it was yesterday. It was just like any normal day. Gabriel Sarah Siregar was a classmate sitting beside me. She was a secretary of the class, and she was writing an academic notes on the blackboard with the chalk.

And she did a mistake with the note. I don’t know what came to me that time, and I just call her “stupid” without hesitation.

Ooowh, man…she cried. Yeah, that’s right. She sat down and cried because of my awful word. She was a little first grader, “stupid” was quite a mocking for her.

I feel soooo bad. So, I did not talk to her until Junior High. Even now, though our relationship is better, everytime I see her, that memory keeps haunting.

I’m sorry, Gabriel !

—Angela Arlow

I was a Junior High man that time. She was a friend of mine. She asked for my friend’s (a boy) telephone number to me. She intended to say sorry for something and apparently that boy had changed his number. I asked that boy (since I lost his number already), and I told him I gonna give it to Arlow.

The thing is.. he told me that he won’t let Arlow to phone him.

Walah! What should I do?

I made a difficult decision then. I lied to Arlow. I told her he has lost his handphone and currently unable to be phoned.

She believed his friend. A liar. Me.

I’m sorry, Arlow!

—Floriani Chitra

We were a good friends back then. Well, at least a good acquaintance.

I guess I pulled things to much with my jokes. And she started to clarify the strict line between us. We are not as close as we was. Back then, we used to sent short messages at night just for fun. Now, all messages are only for school purpose. She’s not replying unimportant questions. I know she began to avoid me.

Flor, forgive me, ok?

Sometimes my stupid whim takes control of me. I’m sorry..

—Evanti Andriani

Ow, another example of the impact of my foolish behaviour. She was a friend, for me. She used to be nice and polite with me.

But my over-weighted jokes went too far and got on her nerves.

Well, not only she’s taking distance from me, she’s oftenly showing her dislikes for me too. I am devastated. This beautiful girl hates me.

An, forgive me please!

Well, those are just a few of them. They just the first names coming to my mind. There are still a lot of girls I’ve hurt, but maybe I’m not writing it here.

Beware! Penguins ahead!

They’re pro, they’re stealth, they’re deadly, they’re PENGUINS!!!

I watched Madagascar 2 at GI Blitzmegaplex last December (and I’ve watched Madagascar at TV too), and this penguins gang is my favourite!

This penguins team are adept at doing everything with their cute feet and cuddly wings as long as they are together. Nothing is impossible for this pack of fowls to overcome. Escaping the high level security  zoo, hijacking ship, expeditioning, beating packs of foosa, “catapultedly fly and emergencyly landed” a scraped plane (is it in english?), cleverly taking tourist’s car, turning a destroyed plane into a hi-tech flying transportation means, are just a little examples of their successful operations.

Let me introduce you to:

Skipper.(centre, front) He’s the honcho of the penguins. In charge of giving orders and negotiations to ensure the success of operations, this penguin is surely doing a well done job. Slapping and barking, he is a respected leader and a great example of yakuza boss. None of his cute and cuddly underlings has gut to question his order.

Kowalski.(behind Skipper) The tallest and smartest of the penguins. He is in charge of plan design. But probably the most notable role he has is taking notes for Skipper.

Private. (left) Also known as Ryan – Distinguishable by his googly eyes and soft British accent, he is the youngest of the group. Good at cracking codes, he is often slapped by the Skipper. Often used as bait. Also take notes for the Skipper. He is often considered as the most expendable of the group by the other members.

Rico.(right) Natural born weapon of devastation. Every part of his body is a means of destruction. A hardened soldier, explosives expert, knife wizard, excellent swimmer, and master of the art of sushi making. He is literally the tool of the gang, serving as pick lock, automatic gun, and dynamite carrier. Eggnog, Hai, and Ka-boom! are the only vocabulary he has.

Operation Tourist Trap : link

Run! Penguins coming !

I got some blogs…


I was typing some posts on my other blog when that stupidly fun whim came out. Frankly speaking, it was a bad habit…

I like to track people down with my computer, taking as much information as I want, just for a simple reason…”fun”.

Many people called me a freak for my habit, but I just can’t stop!

Don’t stop me now
I’m having such a good time
I’m having a ball

Anyway, back to the topic.

So, I tracked down some friends from a friend from the friend of my friend (confused? Welcome to Anton’s world!) on this silent evening.  I tracked down these “targets” for quite a time (2 hours! I can watch a movie with that time I spent. What a pity!). And sadly, I can only tracked down some of my “innocent targets”. What a shame!

Here is the result of my search:

(Kevin Timotius, eeerhhm…. I guess….)

(Gabriel, a girl in XIS-1. She’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s Gabriel)

(Matthew, our beloved leader)

(Krisma, a boy in XIS-2)

Only a few, yes? But this odd activity really  drains my stamina.

I really need help with this odd habit. 😉