Negicco, Ne Badia, and September

To anticipate Negicco’s new single release on March 29th, I have hastened the subbing process for Ne Badia (ねぇバーディア), which involved nagging Tomomi for her translation.

Sorry, Tomomi! m(。≧Д≦。)m

Take a look:

Now, there are some parts of the lyric that you might find nonsensical and incoherent. The cause is that the writer made some outside references that might not be easily comprehended. In this post, I will elaborate some of them with the help of Tomomi, my dear translator in this project.

explanatory comment with red

Ne Badia

Even the title of the song is quite tricky. It is a reference to a popular EWF song “September”. In that song, a recurring phrase sung is ba-de-ya and that same phrase is used in this song. How can I be so sure? You will see why around the middle of the song.

Anyway, I and my translator assume that this song is about a girl expressing her love for a boy with some (Negi)twist.


hasanda tsukue ni mukaiawase

何気なくね 座ったよね

nanigenaku ne suwatta yo ne

We sat across a desk facing with each other unintentionally (or casually)



narenai seiza ni ki o tsukatte

You took care of me because I was not accustomed to formal sitting

“Seiza” (=sitting formally on tatami ), so it is possible that the boy understands that the girl does not accustomed to sitting in such difficult formal position and does not make fuss about it or tells her to just sit the way she wants. [Update! A Negicco fan suggested that “casually” is a lot more suitable than “unintentionally”, and it makes a lot more sense: the boy knows the girl does not like to sit formally, so he just sits in casual style and asks her to do the same]


さりげなくね 心ほぐれた

sarigenaku ne kokoro hogureta

That natural kindness made me relax.


目と目が合うたび 微笑みがえし

me to me ga au tabi hohoemi gaeshi

Every time my eyes met yours



omoi ga afuredasu

My heart grows fonder.



koko kara

From here


あなたに あなたに あなたに 恋したんです

anata ni anata ni anata ni koi shi ta n desu

I fell in love with you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomerare nai kedo

Though I cannot stop it



ima sugu

right now


あなたに あなたに あなたに 逢いに行きます

anata ni anata ni anata ni ai ni iki masu

I am going to meet you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomara nai negi

I can’t stop it anymore! Negi!

Why is there a Negi there? Because it’s a Negicco song and they like to put Negi in their sentences. Konichinegi-negi! Konbanegi-negi!



tokonoma oiteta ai no kabuto

何気なくね かぶったよね

nanigenaku ne kabutta yone

You wore the helmet with the letter “love” that was placed at the decorative alcove so casually

“愛” or “ai” or “love” helmet is a symbol of a famous samurai came from Niigata, it comes from Aizen Myouou (愛染明王), the Japanese name for Ragaraja. Ragaraja is known to be a god that converts earthly desires (love/lust) into spiritual awakening. Since the helmet is unique and it looks cool, a lot of modern replicas are made and placed at decorative alcove, or tokonoma, a room in which items for artistic appreciation, like calligraphy and samurai armors, are displayed, in a Japanese style reception room. So the boy and the girl might be in the same tokonoma with “愛” samurai armor, then the boy took the helmet, and put it on to make the girl laugh.



narenai soburi ga okashikute

your awkward behaviour was so funny

なつかしいね 涙こぼれた

natsukashiine namida koboreta

Such happy memory, makes my tears trickle down.


目と目が合うたび 遠い記憶と

me to me ga au tabi tooi kioku to

Every time my eyes met yours


omoi ga yomigaeru

I remember old day’s memory



ano toki

At that time


あなたに あなたに あなたに 恋したんです

anata ni anata ni anata ni koi shi ta n desu

I fell in love with you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomerare nai kedo

Though I cannot stop it



ima kara

From now


あなたに あなたに あなたに 逢いに行きます

anata ni anata ni anata ni ai ni iki masu

I am going to meet you! you! you!



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomara nai negi

I can’t stop it anymore! Negi!


「ねえ バーディア

‘nee bādia

Hey, Baadia

Again, reference to EWF’s September.




Do you remember

Again, reference to EWF’s September: “Ba de ya – say do you remember”.



ano kugatsu no hi no dekigoto’

the September day’s event ?

Very clear, it is a reference to EWF’s September.


あぁ 風と 水と 炎

aaa kaze to mizu to honoo

Ah, wind, water, and fire

Clever reference to EWF: Earth, Wind, and Fire, but they replaced it with Wind, Water, and Fire



ano hi kara

Since that day


あなたに あなたに あなたに 恋してたんです

anata ni anata ni anata ni koishi te ta n desu

I have loved you! you! you!



kono mama suki de ii no ka na

May I love you as I am ?



mou tomerare nai kedo

Though I cannot stop it



atashi tachi

あなたに あなたに あなたに 逢いに行きます

anata ni anata ni anata ni ai ni iki masu

We are going to meet you! you! you!

Atashi tachi! This is kind of referring to the live concert at Hibiya Park. Negicco is trying to say “we are going to meet you, our dear fans, at Hibiya Park”, which is the destination the girls are going to in the Music Video. It is the similar kind of twist near the end of the song thing with what they did in Idol Bakkari Kikanaide.



suki ni natte mo ii no ka na

May I fell in love with you ?



mou tomara nai negi

I can’t stop it anymore! Negi!


Eclipse Post Special: How Solar Eclipse Observation Helped Relativity Theory

9th March 2016 was supposed to be Nyepi or Seclusion Day – a Hindu holy day commemorated by secluding oneself from life’s hustle and bustle, especially in Bali where it is strictly regulated – in Indonesia, but evidently an astral phenomenon in the form of a solar eclipse have eclipsed that day. I rarely posted something with relevance to current media sensation, but I happened to have an interesting story I wanted to share; the story of a daring expedition of Dyson and Eddington on 1919 to hunt for a solar eclipse.

Some people traveled to specific spots in the world to get a good view of eclipse. Many of them motivated by curiosity, simply just following contemporary fad, or just simply wanted to see it…to appreciate the beauty? Not really confident on that. But Sir Arthur Eddington and Sir Frank Dyson had a mission to prove a theory; Einstein’s relativity theory. What did eclipse have anything to do with relativity theory? In short, Einstein’s theory states that light will bend around a massive object, but it was not widely accepted at that time since no one really knew how to prove it. Well Dyson and Eddington had an idea. Sun is a massive object. Stars emit light that traverses the space to the Earth so we can see them. When that light traversed near the sun, will it bend?

They devised expeditions to observe the 1919 solar eclipse at Sobral, Brazil and Principe, Africa, to prove relativity theory’s prediction. They only traveled to Principe though and assigned other team to Sobral. I will try to give simple explanation of what they did. First, they took a picture of the stars at night when the sun was not an issue. Then, they needed to take a picture once again when the sun was between the stars on the sky, presumably to bend the starlight. But the sun is too bright to enable picture-taking. That’s how eclipse played its part. Eclipse ensured that the sun’s bright light would not unable the picture-taking process. Then, they compared both pictures to see whether there was distance gap of the stars positions. There was. By superimposing the eclipse picture on the night picture, a gap between stars on the eclipse image and the night image was evident and measurable.

an image that might help explaining what the expedition's result (source:
an image that might help explain the expedition’s result

Their observations got published the following year and was reported in newspapers all over the world as a conclusive proof of Einstein’s theory. Please note though that Newton’s gravity theory also predicts the bend, but according to Einstein’s theory, it will bend twice as much as Newton’s gravity theory predicted. According the observation, the bend was more accurately predicted by Einstein’s theory. Suffice to say, I might not be capable to elaborate clearly regarding this matter and thus preferred to make it simpler. A movie titled Einstein and Eddington might give a better explanation about it.


So, maybe for the next eclipse you can emulate this particular observation rather than merely uploading photos of the dark sky in your social networking service account ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Update 06-04-2016

I Got My Passport

me and my passport

I thought by using online procedure it will be a lot easier; it was, but not as much as I expected. You have to enroll online at a designated site, which only consist of submitting your personal data, then print a paper, bring it to a teller of a selected bank with the money needed, then submit code given by the teller to the previous site, then you must make a choice which date you want to come to the immigration office (somehow you can not just walk in without appointment). It was complicated enough and I thought the process ended there. I was wrong. The first visit to the immigration office was only to take your picture, interview, and validation of your legal documents. At this point, the perk of online procedure became evident; I did not have to queue together with non-online applicants, but with other online applicants, which was fewer (that time). I could not take my passport in the same day and had to come at least after four following working days after 13:00. So, it took me two days to make my passport, which I think is not really easy. But non-online procedure takes three days. Yeah, online application is faster.

Meeting Old Friends

Being “fired” gave me a thought of how less meaningful was my job. I guessed all my hard work was not really considered. I know it was a wrong thought, but that was how I felt. Many time and energy that I should have spent maintaining my relationship with my friends were used for work, and I intended to pay my debt. Thus, I spent some weekends with my old friends and I realized one year of not meeting them was quite a long time. So many things in their life that I have missed. I should meet them regularly from now on.

Thinking of Running Away

Why did I suddenly want to make a passport? Frankly speaking, I wanted to run away. Well, I am still thinking of running away. I am considering leaving everything behind me and go somewhere far. My plan is to continue my study in Japan, but we will see what the future holds. The next step in my plan is to take IELTS and gamble for MEXT next April. Wish me luck!

Bought Another Imported Idol Goods

I bought Sakura Gakuin album and poster. I love the poster! A “Jump Up ~ Chiisana Yuuki” poster is a very nice addition for my room. It has Marina, Nene, Raura, and Hinata in it; my favorite quartet. They were supposed to be gifts I prepared for my graduation from MT program. I guess eventually they turned into consolation prizes. Hahaha *secretly crying inside. But I will not give up! I will jump up!


Jump Up! Even with a Little Courage!

oh, and Tasya Kecil yang imut said she is back from hiatus on She really has funny stories. Her life is full of laughable materials. Most of the time the joke is on her (ノ>∇<)ノ゚.

So, check her blog now and then for updates!

A Dream of Indonesian Pop Culture

A photo of a burnt down market section I took around Tanah Abang. Why this picture? It is an image of destruction, but it also signifies chance to rebuilt, constructing something new on an old land. Or I just don’t know what picture to show.

So far, the influences of Japanese and Korean pop culture have been everywhere; reaching out audience beyond national border, even continents. The Japanese pop culture invades in variety of media. First, though probably not the earliest, is the popular 2D art in the form of manga and anime, which successfully differentiate itself with Western style and maintaining a distinctive style with worldwide fans that will be the envy and object of imitation across the globe. Then, they have the idol industry that exports image of youth and “kawaiiness” that grabs hearts of so many people who then buy merchandises to support their idol and promote them among their friends. Following behind them is the J-drama and game show which have find its own strong loyal supporters even overseas. Furthermore, not only Japanese effectively conserve its historical legacy, they also cleverly insert it into its pop culture media mentioned above and promulgate it to other civilization. Japanese history does not defend itself from foreign and modern cultures, but fiercely attacking them at their own foreign land.

Morning Musume '16 at Anime Matsuri, which is in Houston, USA (source: tenkigumi ameba)
Morning Musume ’16 at Anime Matsuri, which is in Houston, USA
(source: tenkigumi ameba)

The Korean pop culture wave, which is more recent than the Japanese wave, invades in comparable but distinct way. It started out with Korean dramas that laid the foundation for the invasion; admiration for Korean “beauty”. Then, the Korean idols and performers proceed to assault. By combining western style of dance and fashion with Korean sexy and adult image, they differentiate themselves with their Japanese counterparts. And can we forget the famous “Gangnam Style” that conquered both world of the west and east in unprecedented level in a very short time span? Refusing to stop there, though initially following Japanese manga style, Koreans try to popularize their own manga art through webcomic platform and found limited but gradually growing fans. Can anyone stop this merciless invader from devouring every nation known to man?

PSY at MTV Europe Music Awards (source:
PSY at MTV Europe Music Awards

Then it comes to the hard question. When will Indonesia achieve such level? Will we ever be in that level? So far, we have generally been the consumer, the influenced party. So tremendous is our penchant to foreign culture that it has reach a detrimental level to our own culture. Young generation hailed foreign culture as the culture they want to have, while our own historical culture have been put in the confinement of museum to be left rotting and forgotten. Even our cultural artists who work passionately to rejuvenate our national culture are more respected outside our border than within, where they are largely unknown by their own people. It is not impossible that at this rate, we will gradually lost our identity, and our culture got substituted by amalgamation of foreign cultures; effectively eliminating our chance to lead and therefore will continuously follow.

Unless, some measures are taken. An article by Mario Rustan in The Jakarta Post might sound a bit pessimistic about our pop culture, but it also points out matters that have to be dealt with to create a proper future for Indonesian Pop Culture. And a writing by Johannes Nugroho in Jakarta Globe describes a need for “a strong cultural profile that is sustained by an equally vibrant yet uniquely Indonesian pop culture”. Both mentioned government support as a critical factor in shaping Indonesian Pop Culture and what measures have to be taken. Both also inspired me to imagine a future where our popular culture stands strong and influences people outside our national border.

Lumina Scarlet, an idol group from Bandung, Indonesia (source:
Lumina Scarlet, an idol group from Bandung, Indonesia

What ideas do I have ? Well, if you excuse my nonsensical imagination, I have some ideas that I hope will help shaping Indonesian Pop Culture. First, a central hub for our pop culture to flourish. We already have a lot of artists with great potential to become pillars of our pop culture; take a look at our locally produced cergam (an equivalent of manga?) at Re:on, our local idols like Lumina Scarlet or Happy Kingdom‘s group, or our historical re-imagination literature like Gajah Mada. Now, let’s assemble them! By having a central physical pop culture hub, like Akihabara or Harajuku, a street where there are shops and other attractions related to our pop culture, we can introduce our pop culture icons far more easily to the audience. Audience can go to this one location and browse through all of our pop culture icons, get to know more about them, get acquainted to them, and become their fans. We can also put a virtual hub; a website where netizens can get to know and enticed by our pop culture. Second, a “Dear Stage“-like establishment. Why? Well, just because I love the concept. An establishment meant to provide a space for individuals to tread their way to stardom, not through big agency sponsored audition, but through all-round performance: determining a show concept, setting up the stage, designing the costume, making the song setlist, or in short, producing yourself. By having such place, we can endorse a richer variety of performers with pure creativity, not yet mainstreamed or commercialized by big firms. Third, a grand collaboration for the advancement of Indonesian Pop Culture. PopCon is a nice example of gathering different artists together, where they can meet and share inspiration with each other. And I imagine we can make something like Osamu Tezuka’s Star System or at least when same pop culture icons can be referenced and presented by different artists across different art products, so that audience will be allured to search for those icons across the universe of our pop culture. Fourth, making our history hip again through our culture. Just like what Japanese has done, I want to see more and more of our legacy represented in our pop culture to garner younger generation interest in our history. Imagine you are in a cafe and everybody around you are discussing about the Battle of Bubat or the heroism of Srivijaya admiral and others (ノ≧∀≦)ノ.

So, my ideas might be quite off from reality. But the thing is I am very excited for it. I am interested to imagine our own pop culture spreading to the world. I will be delighted to participate in such movement, an I-wave boom! It will be awesome: looking at an Indonesian idol group getting thunderous ovation in an overseas concert reported live by mainstream channels, playing a multiplayer keris-battle game with foreign player, reading a fiction cergam about what-if scenario that Mataram Sultanate successfully westernize and play pivotal role in WW1. Can you imagine that? Are you getting excited too?