English Speaking Examination Topics

In case you, my dear friends from SMAK 1, forgot, we are going to have English Speaking Exam.

And in case you forgot about the topics and Ms.Risuli’s website (or just don’t want to visit her blog at all costs), you don’t have to worry at all. Anton is here to save your day!


1. As a good citizen, we must pay taxes (Discussion/ Exposition)

2. Sex education should be started taught in Elementary School (Discussion/Exposition)

3. Internet plays very important role in my life. (Discussion/ Description)

4. School regulation must be strictly implemented. (Discussion)

5. Money can buy everything. (Discussion)

6. Drivers must not use mobile-phones while driving. (Discussion)

7. How to live a healthy lifestyle. (Explanation)

8. The more sophisticated gadget means the more easily people hijack others’ invention. (Exposition)

9. In 2008 and 2009 Indonesia managed to attract tourists from all over the world by its program ‘Visit Indonesia Year’. (Description/ Discussion)

10. Looting ATM by using sophisticated technology is a serious crime. (Discussion)

11. Poems are no longer popular. (Description/ Discussion)

12. I won’t forget the first time I entered my high school. (Recount)

13. A story which I always remember (Narrative)

14. My hobby is (not) unique (Description)

15. Traffic jam in Jakarta can never be solved. (Discussion/Description/Exposition)

16. Anton is so cool and handsome. (Explanation/Description)


So, what’s your pose?

My friend sent me this picture titled: “Alay Pose”. 7 poses that Alays generally make (7 sins are something else, but not really that much different)

Hehe…the first time I saw it, I really think it’s quite funny, and after multiple times I take a look on it, it’s even funnier. I have a friend at school called Mire who does all this Alay poses almost for her whole life. But I do pose number 6 and 7 occasionally too. Then I realized, well, everybody does these poses at least once in their life!

“To be Alay, or not to be Alay-that’s the question.”William Shakespeare said that thousand years ago (lie).

What’s the meaning of becoming Alay anyway, the poses are quite fun to be shown! ^^

An Annoying Old Friend

I have an old friend, let’s just call him H, who coincidentally ended up in a same BTA group as mine. We’ve met twice or thrice or maybe more at SMAN 8, but there’s this particular meeting I still can’t forget.

We were talking about our SIMAK UI try out score. This man had a lower score than mine. Then, knowing that he was not better than me, he started to talk about how hard science class was and say things like :”Oh, you’re social class student, right? No wonder you got such a high score.” My mind yelled:”Wait a minute! are you trying to boil my blood?”. I kept my smile, ended the conversation with  “Good bye!”, and held everything inside my heart.

He had shown how stupid he was by saying such things.

1. Whether you like it or not, you were saying those words to a student of one of the best Senior High in Jakarta. Your school level is far below mine, and you’re still boasting yourself? We’re not even in the same class.

2. Insulting a social class student, huh? You think ’cause you’re going to be a doctor, you’re better? We, social class students, have in our hand the means and in our head the wits to affect economy. We know how to make money, that means we have all the power to decide whether to sustain your life, or to make it so much less comfortable.

3. You spilled out insults without even considering the effect of your words. Even I kept my feeling down in my heart and showing you nothing that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Hmm…so much for a science class student, are you?

Alas, you really made me furious…