Making Parallels

On the eve of presidential election in Indonesia, I would like to  share my view on some parallel both candidates have with some other notable public figures.


Let’s start with Soekarno. Prabowo has some parallel with Soekarno on how both persons are skillful orators and talented in using rhetoric. But Jokowi comes from civilian background with no notable military experience and so is Soekarno.

Then we move forward to the person who toppled Soekarno, Soeharto. Prabowo is Soeharto’s son-in-law and both have military background, but Jokowi has more similarity in two things: both don’t speak English well (I always see Soeharto with interpreter) and both are not renown as great public speaker (Soeharto is known as smiling but silent general). I always perceive that Jokowi gives a calming atmosphere, just like how I see Soeharto, but Prabowo often makes me nervous.

We also have Narendra Modi from India, a great and explosive orator, just like Prabowo. But Modi is known for his anti coalition path, blaming large and crowded coalition hindering government in taking action, and Jokowi has more similarities in that aspect compared to Prabowo who has diverse political party behind him. Modi also known for his rumored allegation of human rights crime, just like Prabowo. But Modi doesn’t have notable military background and more known as a successful governor, just like Jokowi.

But who is he who comes before Modi? That would be Manmohan Singh. But when we talk about Singh, the name Sonia Gandhi will emerge as the kingmaker, or as the puppeteer, and Singh is the puppet. Sounds like Jokowi and Megawati. Singh was backed by UPA, a coalition consists of at least 12 political parties. Sounds like Prabowo and his Merah Putih coalition.

Finally, we have Thaksin Shinawatra, a famous former prime minister of Thailand. Thaksin is the main advocate of the rice-buying scheme, government buying rice from Thai farmers with quite high price, stockpiling it, and selling it to the world when the price hikes. Prabowo has a similar policy. But interestingly, Jokowi has support from rural citizens, just like Thaksin, while Prabowo has more support from town folks, the opposition of Thaksin.



So, that’s my short post. Any other parallels you notice? Drop it in the comment section and I might add it in this post! ^.^