Life Lesson From Nichijou Chapter 161

There are times when 2D art product like manga gives a wonderful lesson to us. And one of them comes from an absurd comedy made by Arawi Keiichi titled Nichijou, which roughly translates to “ordinary day”, especially chapter 161 that I will post in this occasion.

Long story short (the story is actually short, duh), Mio (the girl with twin short pigtails) found an interesting vending machine and…




Well, she started with small investment or effort to acquire what she wanted, until she realized it did not pay off and she increased her ante…and still..nothing.


She is not a gambler, she just got into it without realizing and she was broke afterward.


After some banging (a lot, actually) at the machine out of her desperation, the machine paid out the prize…but it was not exactly the kind of prize she expected… Poor Mio!

This short story, however, in my opinion, sounds a lot like human life. We want something. We work to get it. We work hard and harder as time goes by since the effort needed to achieve our goal apparently outstripped our initial expectation, but we sacrificed so much already that backing down is not an option we would like to consider. We finally got what we want. Not exactly. We got what we thought we want and we realized afterward it is not as expected. A bummer.

Fortunately, life does not stop there (hopefully). In chapter 164, we found out that..


Yeah, the Lord works in mysterious ways after all.




What am I Doing with My Life?

I wonder how my peers already set their life goal and putting strategy to achieve it. Some of them even lectured me on how to be a successful person. Am I the only one left behind here? Ask me what I want to be. The answer is I know not.

Some of them are traveling the world. Some earned their master degree. Some are climbing the career ladder. Some are starting up their own business. And I am just…

Trying to make home made natto with Youtube instruction video...and failed.
trying to make home-made natto with Youtube instruction video…and failed


visiting JKT48 Theatre, spending 100K to watch young girls performs


drinking my bitter Chinese medicine to ease my stomach ache. Recently the frequency of my stomach ache is increasing and I have to take more of this medicine. Now I know how Dumbledore must have felt to get that locket.

Where will my life take me to? Das weiß ich nicht.

Easy Task?

front side of my bike showing the brake
front side of my bike showing the brake

The brake of the front wheel of my bicycle had lost its usual ability to grip and since I considered it unsafe, I decided to find a place to repair it. There is a nearby shack that looks like a bicycle workshop which I frequently passed by on my travel to work. Never visited it, but I guessed why not. I prepared some fund in expectation that I might have to replace some parts. I went there, talked to the shopkeeper, he looked at my bicycle, unscrewed a bolt, pulled a metal string, screwed it back, and it was done.

I think it was an interesting occasion. I paid a minuscule amount in comparison to the fund I have prepared, but looking at how easy he fixed the brake, I wondered why I had to pay at all. It did not even take five minutes. Had I known how to fix it, I could have done it myself. But I suppose this is what we call skilled work. I paid him for his expertise and knowledge, more than his sweat or time. Similar like graphic design, it might look easy, but the designer spent years and investment to master it, and we pay for such expertise. I hope I can have that kind of expertise too which make my work more valuable.

It might look easy, but it takes an effort to master the skill and knowledge!


What happened today?

I got stuck between two moving buses. I remember not how frightened I was, whether my memories came flashing in my mind, or whether I prayed for my life. But I remember how I felt the pain and how one of the bus kept pressing me mercilessly. I remember that I screamed a lot, loudly. I did not decide to scream. I did not think. It was done… instinctively. There was no comprehensible word coming out from my mouth. Not a “no”, “stop”, or “help”. It was a long vowel of “a” and my mind went blank, but remain conscious. I was far from being intelligent in that moment. I was dumbfounded.

But the bus driver eventually realized that someone was stuck. I lived to tell the tale. My right hand still hurts but nothing seems serious.
I wonder, will love results in similar dumbfoundedness?


I did not take photo regarding the accident, so this is a random photo I have in my phone. Staying alive in Jakarta for 24 years is definitely an awesome feat.
I did not take photo regarding the accident, so this is a random photo I have in my phone. Staying alive in Jakarta for 24 years is definitely an awesome feat.


Your beloved El Presidente

Signing off

Update 05-05-2016: Wake Up, El Presidente!

Your dear president (I am referring to myself.. this is Anton World, so I am the president…I is hard to understand) is alive and kicking. No assassination plot can kill me so far. A hiatus, even a short one, make resuming harder. I experienced it and thus I have not posted for a while. What happened? I know it is just and excuse but I want to share this with you (I’d like to imagine that someone out there really want to know). I was quite busy with document preparation for MEXT scholarship in my endeavor to pursue higher education. That process involved making a lot of phone calls and multiple adventures to my old campus. Plus, my job at a certain FMCG company suddenly got a lot more demanding. A big portion of my energy and my time at home got confiscated with all these businesses to the level that a translation sent by Tomomi got neglected in weeks (that is a great sin!).

This post is meant to break the hiatus. I hope I will write routinely again soon. Wait for it!

I went back and forth to this place at Universitas Indonesia to obtain some documents. What an onerous process!


P.S. well, the next post is probably a translation of an old Negicco song. Excited?! I am!

Update 10-04-2016: Stepping Up the Game


I do not have immediate idea on the relationship between this photo and this post. I just think this photo looks nice to fill the empty space above. Plus, this photo is taken by ex-president of Smukiepixel.

Greetings, reader of Anton World? El Presidente is here. Are you a tourist? or a citizen of Anton World? Well, I have not settled a rule on what to call you. As long as you care for my story, you are welcome to stay.

How is my life going? I believe I have decided to pursue higher education and I am progressing toward that goal. I took IELTS test last month and I scored an 8, a satisfactory result I must admit, though my writing score is below expectation. I also booked a private teacher for GRE test and she will help me for about four weeks on the preparation. As for the university I am pursuing, it is Doshisha University, specifically its Global MBA program which provided popular culture management study. I also consider MBA-IB program of University of Tsukuba, Waseda University’s International Culture and Communication study,  Waseda University’s Human Science study, and Waseda University’s MBA program.

Other stuff in my life includes my effort to write more. I have been trying to be more active at and I have also signed up as an author in Writing for those sites poses considerable challenge for me, especially Akibanation which requires me to write no less than 350 words for each post, consider the density of my keywords, and give more concern to the SEO-ness of my post. Furthermore, since both of them are not my personal blog, I am inclined to put some standards on my posts, specifically about the structure, punctuation, pronoun, clause, and repetition of word. I hope these extra tasks will be a useful experience to improve myself.

In other news, my dear overlord of Sakura Gakuin has graduated. Isonon Rinon has graduated together with Shirai Saki and Ooga Saki this March. I must admit her graduation took away some part of my fondness of Sakura Gakuin. This group will not be the same with what it was under her watch. Her outstanding improvement through those years in Sakura Gakuin, her cheerful smile, her calm leadership, and her jolly dance are what kept me hooked on the group even after Marina’s graduation (and those generations before her). I doubt I will love the new generation of Sakura Gakuin at the same level, but I love to be proven wrong on this.

So, farewell, Overlord Rinon!

My drawing for Ms.Isono on her past birthday.