Deto SP – Natsu Hito (2015) Aftertaste

I finally managed to watch special episode of Dating: What’s It Like To Be In Love? (Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira), one of my most favorite J-drama. The special episode, titled Natsu Hito, or roughly translated as “summer man” (maybe XD), shown the life of NEET hero Takumi Taniguchi, and the stern heroine Yoriko Yabushita after the final episode of the season in which they decided that they are meant for each other. I do not think I will share the full synopsis of the episode here, but I will share the main theme; jealousy. What will happen if there is a suspected third person in a relationship? What if that third person captured the heart of your loved one, but no sexual intercourse involved? Is it still categorized as an affair? How will you react?

not your normal love triangle, or is it?
not your normal love triangle, or is it?

The most memorable moment in this episode for me is the part when Takumi and Yoriko were lost in the forest and decided to rest in an abandoned hut. After coming clean about their feelings, Takumi talked about the translation of “I love you” into Japanese: “the moon is beautiful, isn’t it? (tsuki ga kirei desune)”. He elaborated how the translation was made by Natsume Soseki¬†when someone asked him about the translation of “I love you” in Japanese. Natsume explained to that person that expressing feeling of love directly to the object of affection is not compatible with Japanese culture and so it is better to express it indirectly by admiring the beauty of the moon, which might be figurative, but still understandable and eloquent. Takumi then repeatedly told Yoriko that “the moon is beautiful”.

What a romantic scene! Totally in different level with most romantic scenes is contemporary dramas.

Next time you tried to confess your love, try “the moon in beautiful”, look at the face of your partner who is likely to be ignorant of the gravity of your words, and breathe in that glorious atmosphere in the air: your partner is dumber than you, at least about Natsume Soseki and J-Drama.

Check out the official trailer at fujitv.

P.S. Ashina Sei is really lovely as Ms.Hikono in this episode ^^.