Abusing Concept of Superlative Adjective to Brighten Your Perspective

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Have you ever feeling down? Feeling sad? Or, perhaps, even to the point of thinking about quitting?

The conventional doctrine to face such case will be to be optimistic; to tell yourself that you should be grateful for your hardship, to tell yourself that it is not as hard or unfortunate as you think; to stop saying something negative and start saying something positive to change your mindset.

That is all sound and well. It is not my intention to prevent you from following that doctrine. But just in case you want something different, I might have an alternative for you; admit your negative feeling in an awkward way that it doesn’t really sound negative anymore. It involves using superlative adjective and forfeiting some portion of healthy logic.

Just to make things clearer, superlative is a grammatical form that generally involves using -est in the end of the word or putting most in front; to describe¬†an adjective (or adverb) is greater than any other possible degree of the given descriptor. “The Most Bestest” is an example, grammatically wrong, but you got my point.

Let’s start!

It’s the worst day ever!

Woah, that sounds like…a very good thing to say! Why? Because that means you are saying that this is the worst day ever. Clear? No? You are comparing this day with the days that you had in your life so far and the days that you are going to have in your lifespan (days you have not live yet) and you come to the conclusion that none of them are as bad as this day. That means you are sure that tomorrow and days after tomorrow will be better than this day. It is a message of great hope and optimism for the future. So, let’s say it out loudly together: It’s the worst day ever!

Logic to forfeit:

You don’t really have any information about the future and thus you are only comparing this day with the days you have lived in the past. It is just a complaint, really. Nothing positive here.

Warning of potential backlash:

Don’t use this superlative concept on something positive. Example: “it’s the best day ever”. If we use the same concept, then, we’re telling ourselves that tomorrow will be worse than today. Capish?

Do you have any other example? Drop it in the comment section below, or the communicator on the right bar side, and I will add it to this post. I will appreciate them! XOXO from El Presidente of Anton World