Wow, this virtual rambling site is eight years old! When I got the notification, I could not contain myself to just jump back to it and write a post. Possibly just a short post haha

Btw, Negicco has released another MV for their single!

What a cute song! And the MV is totally Negicco-like: wacky, sweet, cute!

I was so excited about it that I decided to do another subbing project. I contacted Tomomi and she was also enthusiastic about it. So please wait a bit and I will post my new sub!

Thank you!





At last, I’m in Micro-blogging!

My friend at Goethe Institute by the name Putri told me about some micro-blogging sites. Oh, what is micro-blogging? It’s far from blogging like this, ya know?!

Though it has “blogging” in the name, the “micro” part really makes it…well, you can say…micro. You can practically write anything you want….. in 140 characters, that explains why they put “micro” in “micro-blogging”.

But it’s meant for updating your status, so I guess 140 would be enough.

I joined Twitter, then Plurk.

Twitter is simple. You write what you’re feeling, doing, having, and let your followers know, that’s it. It’s simplicity makes everything hassle-free. It’s been said that Twitting is currently the cyber-plague at US. Oh, just for note, no smilies graphic available.

Plurk is more complicated than twitter. You can also giving comments on your friend’s status, than just updating your status. And there’s a feature called “Karma”. You have to be active, have a lot of friends, and blablabla to have more karma. More karma will provide you with more smilies, more options, and more and more.

Frankly, all of the micro-blogging features are compiled by The Facebook. But somehow, you will feel a different feeling when you update your status using micro-blogging sites.

Why don’t you try it? Click the pictures for links!