Countdown Asia Fest 2015 Coverage

The stage in Countdown Asia
The stage in Countdown Asia

This is obviously an overdue post. Uploading those photos and videos was definitely a form of torture. Anyway, the coverage is finally here in Anton World, yey! đŸ˜€

Countdown Asia Festival 2015 was a Japanese Pop Culture Festival held on June 6th and 7th, 2015 at Lapangan D Senayan, Jakarta. It basically put together modern icon of Japan in one place: manga, anime, cosplay, J-pop, etc. For me, it’s the first Japan-theme event I had ever been to. So, it’s memorable. I went there in the evening (the event itself started on 11AM) on the second day event (June 7th) with my little brother and my high school sweetheart best friend. I knew there were free tickets for the first 100 (or around that number) people who tweeted about the festival. I didn’t expect to get the free ticket but I guessed trying won’t hurt. Aaaand.. I got the free ticket. I was possibly the 20th person, judging from the tally the ticket stall girl made, and that was kinda odd for me; an event this big didn’t get enough social media buzz. Alas, my brother didn’t have internet connection, and I decided to pay for him; 50 thousand T.T

We went in and we didn’t see as much people as we expected, especially in comparison to the size of the venue; it felt like visiting a local museum. But, it’s actually quite comforting for me, I didn’t have to fight the crowd just to move from one spot to another spot, I could just focus on one important activity; enjoying the event. And here’s the highlights:

Maid Cafe

group photo in the maid cafe
group photo in the maid cafe

The first place we went to? Maid cafe! Food and cute girls, yeah!


To get a personal time with one of the maids, one must buy a set of meals. I bought a takoyaki set.

To get a love confession from the maid, one must win a game against the maid. I won the game; it’s about making sure to look at the different direction than what your opponent points at.

The cute maid, Abigail, whispered to my ear that she loved me.

Achievement unlocked: Loved by a cute girl.


That’s basically my first sweet experience in a maid cafe (my heart went doki-doki whenever I remember it). Oh, we also got to see a special performance by the maids!

Interesting thing was we were probably one of only two groups of  Indonesian customers, the rest were Japanese, and they got about three to four maids for each table.

While we were strolling around the venue and observing the stalls, a pretty girl in event-staff-like-outfit approached me us. She gave leaflets and say, “Don’t miss Dempagumi on the main stage!” (in English). I asked her,”What time will they perform?” (in Bahasa). And she just smiled and bowed and replying,” Yes, Don’t miss Dempagumi on the main stage!” (still in English). Well, judging from her appearance, she’s probably a native Japanese and still not fluent enough in Bahasa. We thanked her and continued our stroll. Then the time came when showed up.

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I didn’t know who were at that time and I didn’t have any expectation that time. They got on the stage, spoke some Japanese (NO TRANSLATOR! SERIOUSLY!), and the performance started. I can’t really describe it well enough into words. These girls were GREAT! The show was awesome and I can felt their energy through their choreography and voices. I mimicked people around who seemed to know the proper chants and what-fan-supposed-to-do-on-live-event things. It was very exciting! ^^

I realized there were quite a lot of Japanese native in the crowd and they wore distinctive costume. They seemed to be the hardcore fans of since they could sing along and gave proper respond to signals given in some part of the songs; they even had matching towels to wave (look at the picture above) in the proper moments.

I will come to their performance again if they come back to Indonesia (when the time and price are right).


JKT 48 on stage
JKT 48 on stage

JKT48 was scheduled to perform next. We could see their renowned fans gathering in front of the stage with their light sticks. I was initially very excited in anticipating their performance, but unfortunately, I then realized I might not be as “JKT48 fan-like” as I thought. They sang five or six songs and I only like two of them, and their performance was quite plain in my opinion. They were definitely not on the same level with

Momochi Minami [Surprise Performance]

The sky was getting dark and we knew it might be the time to consider going home. But then my little brother ran to the stage and back, informing us that Momochi Minami was DJ-ing. Momochi Minami was scheduled to perform yesterday, not today. So we ran together to the stage and there she was!

In case you still don’t realize it, that’s not her face. She wears mask; that’s her trademark. She considers herself as the “Anime Chick Idol” and never let go of her mask in front of the audience.

Special note: after her performance ended, she went back to the tent behind the stage. But before she went in, SHE LITERALLY WAVED AT THE THREE OF US! How can I be so sure? We were the only group still standing near the stage at that time, and the direction of her look were unmistakably toward us.

Achievement unlocked: got special attention by an idol ^^

Ultraman-s (or Ultramen)

Yup, you seen it right. It’s Ultraman! Ultraman in their real size, which means not in their monster-fighting-building-crushing size. Ultraman Tiga is my favourite Ultraman and the first Ultraman I ever saw on TV, and he was there in front of me, with a very detailed costume (look at that light from his eyes and chest!). That moment was sublime. Regretfully, I didn’t get a chance to take photo with him.


The loot I took home
The loot I took home

From left to right:

– small poster

– Countdown Asia Map and schedule

– big poster

Re:On 01-03 bundle. (Supporting Indonesian manga industry!!! ^^)

Ringoame (my first ever) and Jiyuu no Tsubasa Necklace

And on top, that’s the gift Abigail gave me *blushing


I am looking forward for the next Countdown Asia Festival and I invite you to check it out too!