March Loot: Kamei Eri Surprise Package

One of the reasons I am not quitting my current job is that my job provides me with means to purchase things I could not ask from my parents; like idol goods.

Late Christmas present?

I bought a surprise package from a fellow Indonesian fan of Morning Musume.  It was a Kamei Eri package and it is understandable if you never heard of her. She was a member of “old” Morning Musume, entering at the same time with Sayumi, and graduated on 2010. Now let’s take a look at the contents:

Birthday Card


Concert Name Tag? From 10 years ago!


Morning Musume Card; is she supposed to be the queen card? Or joker?


Plushy Key Chain


Her photo wearing cowboy hat 

Hmm… I wonder from which single or concert was this one from? I think it came from the Platinum Era.

Her polaroid photo with her writing

I wonder what she wrote. I really like this one since it gives off custom-made limited product impression with her marker handwriting, not-so-professional photo shoot, and “not for sale” note on the bottom; not like a mass-produced product.


Idol Hachimaki

For that moment when I ever feel like going full-wota mode. But it is outdated -_-


“If you spend your time thinking “I want to become happy, I want to become happy…“
You’ll spend the rest of your days just thinking about how you want to become happy.
But if you think “ah, I’m so happy“? You’ll always be happy.”

-Kamei Eri



News Report Subbing Experience

Greetings, visitor of Anton World!

This is another post about my story in subbing videos, and yes, it’s related to Negicco. This time it’s quite different from the previous posts and there’s an interesting story in the subbing process.

Do you realize the difference? It is not an MV. This is the first time for me to sub a News Report. What? You think there’s no difference? Well, why don’t you try it yourself? It has different challenges, especially since there’s no melody and the talk is generally faster. Expect growth of non-MV subs being posted in Anton World!

In this project, I was fully helped by Tomomi-san. I posted the short video on the Negicco fans group and asked if anyone want to help with the translation. She took up the challenge and thus we communicated through FB messenger. She then sent me the translation, complete with annotations for Japanese terms that require understanding of Japanese customs or popular references, and I subbed it into the video. And… it’s done! A video subbing done entirely by members of the same fanclub.

Anyway, did I mention that I acquired a special Negicco items recently? It’s a Negicco Commuter Line Card Special: Attouteki no Style version. The only one in the whole world, I believe. Well, it’s actually a customized KMT (Multi Trip Card) for riding the local train in Jakarta.



Negicco Said That They Love Me!

Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean they only said that to me, though it’s not illegal to disillusion myself with such imagination. Anyway, I was talking about this:

It is Negicco’s latest song: Canale no Madobe (カナールの窓辺), a coupling song from their upcoming single “Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-”. Look at that new outfit for the track cover picture! It looks so simple yet radiant. That’s why I always think that Negicco’s charm is candid, without superficiality attached. There are two points that I consider gladdening in this new track:

  • Negicco’s cute Japan-glish in the track is a good sign for international fans
“Hello, world! Konichi negi-negi! This is Negicco, coming directly from T-Palette Records Tokyo. Please listen to our new song: Canale no Madobe. Arigato! We love you!”- That’s what I heard in the intro.

The fact that Nao☆ put her effort to use English in the intro is a sign that Negicco notices their overseas fans; fans that might not understand Japanese, but adore The Never Give Up Girls from Niigata nevertheless. This can be an auspicious precedent for further engagement with international fans which might lead to overseas concerts, something I would love to attend in case they held it in Indonesia.

It might be a small step, but it’s heading to a right direction.


  • The track you listen to is provided by official T-Palette Records account

T-Palette gratified Negicco’s fans and appealed to potential fans by providing Negicco’s full song to listen, which is not a standard in the industry, where record companies are quite stingy, providing only preview or short version of the song. T-Palette even shows Negicco’s full MV-s in its Youtube channel, the same MV-s that you can get by buying Negicco’s DVDs. T-Palette certainly deserves an ovation from Negicco fans.

It is safe to say that Negicco is in a good hand.


To end this post, let me give you a view on the MV.

Enjoy and share!

Corrinne May

corrinne-may-the-giftPernah dengar penyanyi yang namanya Corrinne May? Mungkin tidak.

Ya, dia tidak terlalu terkenal di Indonesia. Saya sendiri tidak mengetahui siapa dia sampai sekitar 2 minggu lalu saat saya sedang mencari lagu natal di Imeem, lalu dipertemukanlah saya dengan suara merdu wanita Asia ini.

Saya masih ingat, lagu pertama yang telinga ini dengar adalah “Silent Night” dari album “the Gift” yang ia nyanyikan. Dan sejak saat itu, keindahan suara Corrinne tidak bisa saya lupakan.

Corrinne May, dengan nama lahir Corrinne Foo May Ying, adalah seorang penyanyi dan penulis lagu berdarah Singapura. Lahir pada tanggal 19January 1973, ia dinamakan seperti judul lagu favorit ibunya “Corinna Corinna“. Ia dibesarkan di Singapura dan kemudian melanjutkan studinya ke Los Angeles, Amerika. Di sanalah ia menapakkan kakinya ke anak tangga pertama dalam mencapai impiannya menjadi bintang.

Corrinne ikut menulis lagu (co-wrote) “If You Didn’t Love Me” bersama penulis lagu ternama Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager dalam sebuah lomba penulisan lagu Lagu itu kemudian dimasukkan dalam album debutnya. Corrinne terus menulis lagu dan perlahan-lahan menjadi populer, sampai pada tahun 2005 ia kemudian dikenal hampir ke seluruh Singapura. Ia kemudian berhasil menggelar konser pada tahun 2006 di Singapura.

Corrinne May sering sekali menggunakan piano, gitar, dan harpa dalam menyusun melodi dalam lagu-lagunya. Dan satu hal yang saya perhatikan, adalah bahwa Corrinne tidak begitu suka terlalu banyak alat musik mendominasi dan menjadi terlalu berisik dalam melodinya. Lagu-lagu yang ia hasilkan sebagian besar hanya ditemani alunan piano solo, alunan piano dan petikan harpa, gitar akustik, percampuran ketiganya, atau orkes klasik, tetapi bukan berarti tidak ada lagunya yang menggunakan drum,bass dan gitar listrik. Dan selalu saja yang menjadi tokoh utama lagunya adalah suaranya yang halus dan lembut bagaikan nyanyian malaikat, sedangkan suara-suara alat musik hanyalah sebagai setting latar belakang dan pemeran pembantu dalam menciptakan harmoni musik yang indah. Lagunya bervariasi dari lagu slow yang bernada sedih sampai lagu riang yang ceria.

Meskipun begitu, harus diakui bahwa ketenaran Diva ini tidak mencapai taraf internasional. Tetapi itu bukan menjadi masalah bagi saya. Meskipun hanya sedikit orang yang mengetahui dan menggemari lagu wanita ini, saya tetap menyukai dia ^_^.

Akhir kata, tujuan saya mengetik artikel ini agar anda juga bisa saya perkenalkan dengan suara lembut memanjakan telinga yang keluar dari mulut seorang Corrinne May dan kemudian tertarik untuk mendengar suaranya lebih lagi. Saya benar-benar berharap Corrinne May bisa terkenal di Indonesia dan saya memiliki banyak teman sebagai fans Corrinne nantinya.   : )

(link ke lagu yang paling saya favoritkan [click and hear it please!]: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)