You might not be the Best and That is Okay





an excerpt from Ansatsu Kyōshitsu manga by Yūsei Matsui

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I want to share the excerpt I shown above because I found it relevant for me and I hope it might be relevant for you too. Before you continue reading, please understand that this is just my personal opinion. My high school life was a constant reminder of how different people are in the eyes of society. There was this side of gifted people; genius in academic, or sport, or art, or all of them (not joking, this kind of people exist), and there’s me at the other side; “the others”, people without remarkable achievement. The gifted people received awards, appreciation session in flag ceremonies, and more mentions in speech or documentation. And, guess what, they were the majority in my school. I guess we didn’t really fit in the “winner” culture of the school. We, “the others”, were just like figurants, uncredited actors who play as soldiers killing each other in  the background of a more memorable protagonist vs antagonist fight in a colossal war movie (but we were the minority, so it’s quite confusing). We were not bullied or anything like that, we were just ignored.

Looking back, that treatment of ignorance gave significant impact on us, or maybe just me. It hit my self-esteem and my view on the future. Why do I have to work hard? The gap between me and people above me are constant anyway. It’s an unhealthy thought, but nonetheless persisted.

It took sometime, but I found out about why I was so wrong (never knew it could be so wrong, Boyzone, got the joke? No? Ok, just forget about it). The similar thing with the excerpt above; I don’t have to be like them. I don’t have to be better than them. I don’t have to be the winner in their game. It’s not a competition against them; it has never been a competition. I made such illusion and I always see people above me in my own illusion. It distracted me from the fact that I will always worth more as myself.

And if you’re feeling the same thing like I did before, I hope this post may help you. There is always something in this world where you can never lose to anyone; being you. Be yourself, enjoy yourself, improve yourself, and compete against the present you; because you know that there is no one but you who can be the best of you.

Confusing? Full of nonsense? Welcome to Anton World!