At Last, Negicco’s “Canale no Madobe” is Subbed


At last, I have done the subbing process of Canale no Madobe. Special thanks and heartfelt apology to Tomomi who has been really really helpful in translating and explaining the lyrics and also waiting very very long for this release, which the blame is totally on my side m(>_<)m.

Anyway, it is another great song from Negicco. Calm and comforting melody, suitable to accompany your lazy evening. I think the lyric is quite sad, hinting that the singer has been left by her lover. But being sung in a cheerful mood by Negicco made me think like they meant to cheer those who felt that way. “It’s sad, we know, but it’s okay! Remember it as good memory and move forward!”, something like that. And it also has some Niigata hint (the city described is possibly Niigata according to Tomomi).

I also want to apologize for the MV quality degradation. I still do not understand what part of my subbing process caused it, maybe the sub burning activity.

Nevertheless, please enjoy and share!


Negicco Said That They Love Me!

Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean they only said that to me, though it’s not illegal to disillusion myself with such imagination. Anyway, I was talking about this:

It is Negicco’s latest song: Canale no Madobe (カナールの窓辺), a coupling song from their upcoming single “Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-”. Look at that new outfit for the track cover picture! It looks so simple yet radiant. That’s why I always think that Negicco’s charm is candid, without superficiality attached. There are two points that I consider gladdening in this new track:

  • Negicco’s cute Japan-glish in the track is a good sign for international fans
“Hello, world! Konichi negi-negi! This is Negicco, coming directly from T-Palette Records Tokyo. Please listen to our new song: Canale no Madobe. Arigato! We love you!”- That’s what I heard in the intro.

The fact that Nao☆ put her effort to use English in the intro is a sign that Negicco notices their overseas fans; fans that might not understand Japanese, but adore The Never Give Up Girls from Niigata nevertheless. This can be an auspicious precedent for further engagement with international fans which might lead to overseas concerts, something I would love to attend in case they held it in Indonesia.

It might be a small step, but it’s heading to a right direction.


  • The track you listen to is provided by official T-Palette Records account

T-Palette gratified Negicco’s fans and appealed to potential fans by providing Negicco’s full song to listen, which is not a standard in the industry, where record companies are quite stingy, providing only preview or short version of the song. T-Palette even shows Negicco’s full MV-s in its Youtube channel, the same MV-s that you can get by buying Negicco’s DVDs. T-Palette certainly deserves an ovation from Negicco fans.

It is safe to say that Negicco is in a good hand.


To end this post, let me give you a view on the MV.

Enjoy and share!