Unwilling to Let Go Just Yet

I dislike the notion that human will always prefer to get something for free, even if illegal mean is required, than to pay the price. I think a lot of factors are involved in our decision to make a purchase and far more complicated than just “human nature”; a lazy answer. One example is about music. The government and parties with vested interest on copyright of such cultural product incessantly accuse consumers with piracy allegation. That without strict law on copyright, harsh punishment for piracy, and protection mechanism (remember that hellish DRM?) consumers will naturally download for free. I will not support such notion because I believe that people will pay for what they value more than or equal as their money.

Fast fact: I have just purchased another set of CDs. What make it different is this is probably the first instance I make my purchase on a brick and mortar music store.

It is Harika Music at Ciputra Mall

I browsed a while and guess what I found!

Two CDs of Ten2Five. I listened to their songs over and over again when I was in Senior High. Nostalgic!

It is an interesting experience. The store was small with some seemingly cheap shelves and only guarded by a person; a far cry from music stores on their heyday. Most of the collections are Indonesian and Western CD songs, concert and movie DVDs, and cassettes (yes, cassettes!). They also had collection of songs you expect to find at the wet-market (or antique shops?) e.g. songs of Nicky Astria, Gombloh, etc.

I know. The availability of online music stores which are capable to sell digital copy or ship physical copy as ordered are ensuring the unfortunate fate of brick and mortar music stores. But denouement is not here yet and the play is still ongoing. Society should control their ignorance over those who are vanquished by progress; considering death of a type of establishment is perfectly normal. There is a risk that they might be too late to realize that once it is gone, it will probably will never come back; extinct together with its possibly hidden benefits (how many species of creatures have we left to extinction? how much damage such extinction has caused?). This type of music outlet gives satisfaction to those who prefer going out of their room and travel to a certain building. Furthermore, physical music outlets offer their costumers a certain degree of privacy. So until the fat lady sings, until the last breath of this sickly old type of establishment, I suppose I will stay by its side and prevent the doctor from pulling the plug.

Maybe we can not change the tide but let’s enjoy our time together until the very last!


There is something in physical medium that makes it different from digital copy. A sentimental sensation or evocation of memories coming from a concrete object of affection that you can actually touch and, in the most uncomplicated, easily understood way, possess. Plus, you can get bonuses like the artists’ letter of gratitude and the art of the case itself.

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