Update 05-05-2016: Wake Up, El Presidente!

Your dear president (I am referring to myself.. this is Anton World, so I am the president…I know..it is hard to understand) is alive and kicking. No assassination plot can kill me so far. A hiatus, even a short one, make resuming harder. I experienced it and thus I have not posted for a while. What happened? I know it is just and excuse but I want to share this with you (I’d like to imagine that someone out there really want to know). I was quite busy with document preparation for MEXT scholarship in my endeavor to pursue higher education. That process involved making a lot of phone calls and multiple adventures to my old campus. Plus, my job at a certain FMCG company suddenly got a lot more demanding. A big portion of my energy and my time at home got confiscated with all these businesses to the level that a translation sent by Tomomi got neglected in weeks (that is a great sin!).

This post is meant to break the hiatus. I hope I will write routinely again soon. Wait for it!

I went back and forth to this place at Universitas Indonesia to obtain some documents. What an onerous process!


P.S. well, the next post is probably a translation of an old Negicco song. Excited?! I am!


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