Update 06-04-2016

I Got My Passport

me and my passport

I thought by using online procedure it will be a lot easier; it was, but not as much as I expected. You have to enroll online at a designated site, which only consist of submitting your personal data, then print a paper, bring it to a teller of a selected bank with the money needed, then submit code given by the teller to the previous site, then you must make a choice which date you want to come to the immigration office (somehow you can not just walk in without appointment). It was complicated enough and I thought the process ended there. I was wrong. The first visit to the immigration office was only to take your picture, interview, and validation of your legal documents. At this point, the perk of online procedure became evident; I did not have to queue together with non-online applicants, but with other online applicants, which was fewer (that time). I could not take my passport in the same day and had to come at least after four following working days after 13:00. So, it took me two days to make my passport, which I think is not really easy. But non-online procedure takes three days. Yeah, online application is faster.

Meeting Old Friends

Being “fired” gave me a thought of how less meaningful was my job. I guessed all my hard work was not really considered. I know it was a wrong thought, but that was how I felt. Many time and energy that I should have spent maintaining my relationship with my friends were used for work, and I intended to pay my debt. Thus, I spent some weekends with my old friends and I realized one year of not meeting them was quite a long time. So many things in their life that I have missed. I should meet them regularly from now on.

Thinking of Running Away

Why did I suddenly want to make a passport? Frankly speaking, I wanted to run away. Well, I am still thinking of running away. I am considering leaving everything behind me and go somewhere far. My plan is to continue my study in Japan, but we will see what the future holds. The next step in my plan is to take IELTS and gamble for MEXT next April. Wish me luck!

Bought Another Imported Idol Goods

I bought Sakura Gakuin album and poster. I love the poster! A “Jump Up ~ Chiisana Yuuki” poster is a very nice addition for my room. It has Marina, Nene, Raura, and Hinata in it; my favorite quartet. They were supposed to be gifts I prepared for my graduation from MT program. I guess eventually they turned into consolation prizes. Hahaha *secretly crying inside. But I will not give up! I will jump up!


Jump Up! Even with a Little Courage!

oh, and Tasya Kecil yang imut said she is back from hiatus on cumadikabeltelepon.blogspot.co.id. She really has funny stories. Her life is full of laughable materials. Most of the time the joke is on her (ノ>∇<)ノ゚.

So, check her blog now and then for updates!

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