News Report Subbing Experience

Greetings, visitor of Anton World!

This is another post about my story in subbing videos, and yes, it’s related to Negicco. This time it’s quite different from the previous posts and there’s an interesting story in the subbing process.

Do you realize the difference? It is not an MV. This is the first time for me to sub a News Report. What? You think there’s no difference? Well, why don’t you try it yourself? It has different challenges, especially since there’s no melody and the talk is generally faster. Expect growth of non-MV subs being posted in Anton World!

In this project, I was fully helped by Tomomi-san. I posted the short video on the Negicco fans group and asked if anyone want to help with the translation. She took up the challenge and thus we communicated through FB messenger. She then sent me the translation, complete with annotations for Japanese terms that require understanding of Japanese customs or popular references, and I subbed it into the video. And… it’s done! A video subbing done entirely by members of the same fanclub.

Anyway, did I mention that I acquired a special Negicco items recently? It’s a Negicco Commuter Line Card Special: Attouteki no Style version. The only one in the whole world, I believe. Well, it’s actually a customized KMT (Multi Trip Card) for riding the local train in Jakarta.



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