BABYMETAL is not Just an Ordinary Idol

For those people who never heard of BABYMETAL before, they are an idol-metal trio from Japan, which combines metal music with idol cuteness, turning it into something new and possibly foreign. I wrote about them before, you can check it out here. Now, apparently, when you inform others that you like BABYMETAL, you don’t get a positive respond. Or maybe it’s just me. I told some people about BABYMETAL and how I like them, showing their MV-s and playing their music. and I rarely got positive respond; most of them asked me what’s wrong with me. They remarked about the members were underage and I might be categorized as pedo, and their songs were weird and their MV-s weirder. And I always got shunned whenever I bring BABYMETAL up in conversation to those people I have told about them before.


So, I want to write a post that, in a way, “justify” my fondness for them. They are an awesome musical group, no less than any other artist that you can freely and openly tell others. Let me start!

Too Young?


Let’s answer the first question. No, they are not too young. I’m not saying supporting underage idol is not good or that underage artists are of less quality. I’m simply contradicting prevalent view with this fact: the youngest member of BABYMETAL, namely Kikuchi Moa, was born on 1999 (on July 4th, coinciding with USA Independece Day), which means she’s 16 in 2015, in comparison, Justin Bieber released his debut album (2009) when he was 15 and no one complained that he was too young. So, no, they are not too young in this business.

Not The Kind of Idol You Conventionally Encounter

No metal band has made quite the same impression as Babymetal in living memory. Forming as teenage schoolgirls, the Japanese trio were introduced to the world of hard rock, mixing it with Japanese idol culture to add a menacing, unsettling edge to an otherwise sickly sweet and manufactured world.

Andrew Trendell, 2014;



BABYMETAL does not rely on their cuteness alone, or the fact that their concept is so bizarre that it will garner heavy publicity. No, not just those. They can dance; their choreography is creatively complex and energetic, requiring not only experience but also utmost diligence in undergoing hours of rigorous and arduous hours of training. They also can sing, especially Ms.Nakamoto, an alumnus of both Actors School Hiroshima and Sakura Gakuin, her trained strong vocal conquers the air, going high and low and hard and soft in accordance to tricky BABYMETAL song’s arrangement.

Furthermore, they don’t have that “goofy” aura that contemporary idols radiate (again, not implying that having “goofy” aura is of less quality, just stating the absence of it in BABYMETAL). As far as I know, they don’t do variety shows or games that “disrespect” them, but you can see their cute and youthful personalities in interviews and talk shows. Such arrangement is purposefully made; the premise is BABYMETAL members are chosen by “fox god” to lead a resistance, they might be polite, but they may not be humiliated. Watch their live concerts and you will realize, they are majestic on stage. Serious performers doing their business. Pulling people by acknowledgement of their performance rather than their personality.

Awards, That’s Award with an S

But how do you know that all that I’m saying above is not just a delusion of a fan? Look at the recognition and accolades they received (courtesy of wikipedia):



  • 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards — Wild Card for Best Japanese Act [Pre-nominated]
  • NEO Awards 2014 – Best Musical Act



  • 7th CD Shop Awards — Grand Prix


  • Loudwire 4th Annual Music Awards — Best New Artist of the Year Award
  • Kerrang! Awards 2015 — Spirit of Independence Award
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2015 — Breakthrough Award
  • 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards — Best Japanese Act [Nominated]
  • 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Japan — Best Metal Artist
  • GQ Men of the Year 2015 Award, Special Prize “Discovery of the year”
  • Vogue Japan Women of the Year 2015
  • NEO Awards 2015 – Best Musical Act
  • Loudwire 5th Annual Music Awards — Most Devoted Fans of 2015
  • Loudwire 5th Annual Music Awards — Best Live Act of 2015

Road of Resistance

  • Loudwire 5th Annual Music Awards — Best Metal Song of 2015
"BABYMETAL – The First Japanese Artist Who Receive KERRANG! AWARDS 2015"
“BABYMETAL – The First Japanese Artist Who Receive KERRANG! AWARDS 2015”

You can check out all the award grantor and find that all of them are respectable establishments. I bet metal magazines won’t grant award wantonly, and Vogue won’t give “women of the year” to ordinary artists. These awards resonate objective commendation for BABYMETAL.

Their Fans


It is also worth noting that BABYMETAL has garnered international popularity, which resulted in worldwide fanbase. BABYMETAL has held their concerts outside Japan, in 2015 alone, at England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, USA, and Mexico, and their concerts were packed with foreign fans. Furthermore, their fanbase are growing bigger and bigger by day. It is not improbable that soon having penchant for BABYMETAL is as common as liking cats (ok, that’s a hyperbole). It’s an encouragement for every BABYMETAL fan out there considered as an outcast by society; you are not alone, your allies might not be near you, but they are all around the globe, and they are many, and they are Metal fans.

And that concludes this post that I have been writing for like two weeks with a lot of writing, deleting, and rewriting.


Join the resistance!

or at least be decent and treat us (me) like a normal artist fan.


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