Your Own Private Lounge

You took an onerous two-hour trip from your house to a premium mall and you  arrived on time to meet an old friend you have not met for ages, but suddenly your friend who supposed to meet you at that time postponed the meeting for two hours because that person overslept. You were furious and felt like throwing a tantrum endlessly, but you chose not to cancel the meeting and take the miserable trip back to your house, which would take another two hours, at least you preferred not to make such trip before you excoriate that friend of yours, personally, face-to-face.

And here comes the waiting period.

You stood for a while.

You walked around, alone, window shopping from outlets to outlets of the shopping center.

But it was inevitable that you got overwhelmed by boredom.

Have you been in such situation?

There are some options of places to kill some time. The common places are bookstores, where you can read books for free, or game centers, where you can play arcade games or just watch other people plays. But both generally require you to stand and such activity might kill your legs. Well, you can also go to cafe. You got a seat and a table, perfect for waiting. But if you are someone like me, cafe might not be your predilection. First, by sitting there, you are mentally forced to buy overpriced beverage. Second, you are going to sit there alone for quite a long time in the middle of people around you who sit in groups; it’s rather uncomfortable for me. It makes me feel like the only antisocial in the vicinity. Every unintentional gaze from the people around me when I’m sitting there alone, staring at my phone, gives me awkward feeling.

And I found a perfect alternative:

private lounge for free, no strings attached

The toilet stall of a premium mall is actually suitable for waiting alone. Bring your own food and beverage, which can be purchased or brought from outside the mall, and entertainment media, like smart phone or game handheld, and you can just stay there comfortably for hours. How about the repulsive odor? Well, if you chose the right premium mall, you won’t encounter such odor. And if you chose the right floor or area, you can get rarely visited toilet, which mean you can find tranquility in your wait, laugh your arse off for a funny picture you found in the net, loudly sing along your idol on an MV you found on Youtube; the possibility is endless (not really). Toilet stall is totally private and you can use it for your waiting lounge.

Try it out!


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