Happy 5th Anniversary to Sakura Gakuin

Sakura Gakuin has hit the 5th year mark! In five years there has been 13 graduates and 5 albums. And to commemorate the milestone, the current active twelve members held two days live events…with some graduates making surprise comeback!

To participate in the celebration, I will showcase my personal doodles for Sakura Gakuin.

My first doodle of Sakura Gakuin. It’s inspired by a doodle in the internet. I made it for Shirai Saki’s birthday on September 28th, 2015.


My birthday doodle (inspired by other doodle in the internet) for Isono Rinon on November 16th, 2015. She is the last link between the original generation and the current generation. Her remarkable self-improvement as the class president this year inspires me to develop myself too.


The El Presidente of Anton World, which is I, is a talented artist, right?! right?! right?! (the answer is “yes” or a head will roll)


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