Negicco – “Hikari no Spur” with English Sub

Do you think the air is getting colder?

That’s because “Winter’s coming…”

The MV that has Negicco flown so far to Santa’s house; the MV that was praised by Alex Shenmue; the MV that reach top ten singles in the oricon chart in its first week; the MV where you can see Negicco’s warming cuteness on a cold winter setting, now you can understand what they are singing cause it has been translated into English!



Sub by: me

Translation by: Misa-chan

Please do check her blog (click the link above), it has a lot of Japanese song translations and she’s a really nice translator. In fact, she specially translated “Hikari no Spur” for me because I requested it. Let me show you some extract from our conversation.

conversation with misa 1

Capture 2

She replied in ten days with an awesome translation! While I took more than a month to sub it.

Sorry, Misa-chan! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Enjoy and Share, Negi-Negi!!!


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