The Latest Mocca’s Album is in My Possession

A Sakura Gakuin fan from Indonesia posted that Amuse Singapore was having a free delivery promo for Amuse artists’ products and so I browsed the BABYMETAL related products on the Amuse SG facebook page. I wanted to buy a BABYMETAL album, but I looked at the price and pondered was it really necessary to buy something that expensive. I mean, I knew I wanted to support BABYMETAL, but was I really sure that in the future I will not regret spending S$40.00 on a CD? No. I decided not to buy it lest I forgot that idols should be enjoyed in moderation.

But somehow, in a split second, I remembered about Mocca. I enjoyed a lot of their songs in the past. I also knew Arina was going abroad and probably the group was on hiatus. I felt quite obliged to consider buying their songs since I realized I have not gave them proper acknowledgement. I browsed and I found that their products were reasonably priced, especially compared to imported Japanese products.

I ordered their latest album, which I knew not of its existence before. My order then swiftly arrived at my office.

Look! what's that?
The package is here!


The front cover
The front cover is quite fun to look at. It looks like a children story book with a lot of pictures.


A complimentary sticker
A complimentary sticker was also inserted in the package. It a delightful surprise.


The inside
Inside the home. You can see that it’s not an ordinary CD case. Mocca wonderfully produced a CD case that match the theme of the album; a home you enter. It feels like arriving home after a busy day and found that you got a surprise. Friends you have not met for a very long time made a sudden visit. Imaginary conversation: How did you guys get inside? Arina, I thought you’re still at US! How are you guys? I missed you all a lot! Get off my sofa now! that cookies you’re baking? Wait… I don’t have an oven, and you can’t bake, Arina!


Outside the home
Outside the home. Looks like an exterior of a house in a children book.


Zoom-in: the songs. I never heard all of them but “Goodnight Song”. It’s gonna be a wonderful new experience then.


Zoom-in: message from Mocca. I like the way Indra thanked me. I feel so flattered. And I think Riko kind of thanked me also; I’m living under the sun too.


Build your own home in 5 seconds
Surprise! You can build your own home in 5 seconds! The unique shape of the CD case enables you to fold it up into a 3D home.


So that's how the inside of the home in 3D
Take a peek! So, that’s how the inside of the home in 3D mode! It’s pretty!


Anyone got the “Zeus” Easter Egg? Zeus, where are you? Don’t you dare to poo on the neighbor’s garden again!

The songs are great. My favorite is Good Morning Song. I like to play it every time I drive in the morning; I can get the illusion of a pretty woman greeting me in the morning and flattering me to the moon (you’re sick, Anton!).

Why don’t you buy it too? Get it here! I believe you won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “The Latest Mocca’s Album is in My Possession

      1. Akkk!!! Kejem banget dipanggil Bunda. Ponakan kandung aja belum lahir Om!! *yasudahlahya.. terimatakdirsajaumurseginiemangumurbundabunda.. anggepajadoayaa

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