What a Weekend!

This week was really hectic. I was stationed at a distributor post to observe their activity. The place was close by but that did not mean I could reach home earlier; the work hour was long (I got home on 8 or 9 PM), not to mention I had to join the sales persons in their quest of pushing our dairy products to stores, which means I had to travel to markets and “warung”-s under the heat of the day. I persevered by telling myself, “Saturday is coming! Sunday is coming!”.

I planned my weekend with activities: watching j-drama, subbing Negicco’s MV, editing Hirohisa’articles of Negicco, and writing new post. I couldn’t wait ’till weekend come (ha! Westlife Easter Egg!).

Then, Saturday came.

There was blackout from 00:00 to 04:00 AM. Fine, it’s nothing!

Then, I found out the internet was off and so was the cable TV. They were off until 09:00 PM of SUNDAY!!!


All my plans were ruined!

The provider’s customer care only told me the network was damaged. I phoned them twice (with hours in between) and they gave me same answer. (¯―¯٥)

Luckily, a certain loot from Popcon 2015 was available to accompany me; the After Dinner Mystery, a translated version of a Japanese mystery novel that I didn’t expect to find here in Indonesia (thx for penerbitharu). The “dark era” (the internet and cable tv blackout) gave me a lot of spare time to enjoy Ms.Hosho’s adventure with Kageyama, but my favorite character is Mr. Kazamatsuri. It’s a funny and witty story. I recommend you to read it or watch the live action drama.

the after dinner mystery
the after dinner mystery

Another interesting thing this weekend? I went to a store close by to buy some milk and I saw a promo sign of Oreo that said there’s a “wonder speaker” waiting for every pair of Oreo bought. I wondered if it’s true and I wondered what kind of speaker it is.

"Wonder" Speaker
“Wonder” Speaker

Well..Mondelez kept its promise in some way. It’s a speaker…which probably made from toilet paper tube. No electricity required. Put the mobile phone in, play a song, and… it’s not really louder.

So, how’s your weekend?


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