September Loot Exhibition

So, I’ve been saving money to buy a creative product from a foreign country: it’s Negicco’s Latest Single CD! It is my first time buying an original CD with my own salary. It’s original! It’s imported! Straight from the land of rising sun! The Anton one year ago will not understand why would he want to buy an expensive CD when he can just download it freely. Well, because I want to support Negicco! I have posted before how I was moved by their not giving up attitude. I want to contribute to Negicco’s rank in the Oricon chart and to help them in achieving their dream to perform at Budokan. So, I asked for a favor from a Johnny’s fan (check out her blog!), who is a friend I have known since college days but I have just recently known is a fan of Johnny’s, who went to Osaka on late August, to buy a copy for me.

And around the second week of September…

What is this mysterious package?
It’s sealed well with bubble wrap
Woah! Look at that! Negicco’s CD!
The Never Give Up Girls meeting each other… at a bus stop?
That’s the lyrics, the people contributed, and, wait…is that…I’m mentioned there!
Look! I’m included as the morale booster! I’m a fan, if you don’t get it πŸ˜›
Did I say CD? It turns out I got a CD aaaaaand a DVD!!! Let’s check out the content!
T.T curse you region lock! Where’s my VLC ?!

And that’s my biggest idol-related purchase so far. What do you think? You can buy it also here: CDJapan

Hope you enjoy my exhibition negi-negi!!!


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