Gatter! Gatter! Gatter! Subbed

It’s been a while since I sub another music video. And now…it’s still Negicco’s MV! Well, not an official MV. I don’t think they made an official MV for this song. The MV that I subbed this time is quite catchy and it was developed to be an ending song for a local superhero movie, Gatterman. Check it out!

Gatter Gatter Gatter! It’s actually a development from the word Niigata – Gata – Gatter (pronounced by Japanese very similarly). And it’s related to rice, since Niigata is very proud for its rice.

And here is the long version. I used a footage of their live performance.

The translator of this video is none other than: Misa-chan ! Check out her blog! She has a lot of Japanese song translations. I e-mailed her the Japanese lyric and the short video, but then she replied me with the long version translation in just two days! She’s awesome! And nice too!

Thank you, Misa-chan!

Share it negi-negi!


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