My Second MV Sub: Ai no Tower of Love

I was not in my best health when I started this sub project and I was kinda hectic at work too. So, I was thinking that maybe I should just do this slowly. I started by looking through redfreesias site on what Negicco song she (or he) had. But they were all in English already. I need the romaji for the karaoke. So I browsed for the original song lyrics; they were all in KANJI!!! But I found this useful site where it will convert Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana into Romaji (hopefully accurately). Copy, paste, and the script was done! There were 175 lines to sub and I planned to finish them in two weeks or so. But I actually finished in four days! (I actually cut the yeah and ie karaoke part) I guess I’m getting used to the subbing work.

So, enjoy and share!

Watch the original MV here

Buy the single here

And visit Negicco official site here


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