Three Prominent Girls from Niigata Urged People to Stop Listening to Nothing but Idols

The Three Girls from Niigata
The Three Girls from Niigata

As you might have realized, idol groups, especially female groups, are sweeping across Japan, gaining firm hold in the J-Pop market, and gradually exporting their genre to the world. In the midst of it, normal females are not getting the attention they deserve from the increasing number of males worshiping the idol groups. Three prominent girls from Niigata; Nao, Megu, and Kaede; openly articulate normal girls frustration to the media. These three girls outline some behaviors of idol fanatic males that are incomprehensible, like spending a lot of money to buy merchandises, choosing to buy CD-s (often same title CD-s, often to support the group’s ranking in the music chart) instead of digital copy, crazed on the opportunity just to shake the hand of the idol member, and supporting the idols with such fanaticism; even as they fully realize that those idols are not going to be their girlfriend or wife. These girls also point out that idol fanatic boyfriends should have given more attention to their “real” girlfriends, since those girls care a lot for them, unlike those idols who might not even notice them.

Their full statement can be seen with translation on the report by carlenne in her blog.

And this is the footage taken by the media:

Did I not mention it before that it is a music video? And these three prominent girls are, in fact, members of the same idol group? My bad! 😀

Yup, this is another song by Negicco titled “Idol Bakari Kikanaide”, which is not a new song, but I’m just recently into Negicco, and I think I want to share this song that I think really hook me up. The lyric of this song is really interesting; they are explicitly criticizing their own fans. And guess what, their fans will sing along this song in live events, especially the “Zanen” part, which roughly means “how unfortunate!” directed at their own selves. How interesting!

A little digging in the internet provides me with some more interesting information regarding this song; this song is produced by a well-known producer, Yasuharu Konishi, an ex member of a famous Shibuya-Kei crown jewel, Pizzicato Five. This fact strengthen the notion that Negicco is really chosen as the spearhead of Shibuya-Kei revival in Japan, distinguishing themselves from ordinary idol groups. They even released a limited 7-inch record edition of this song to attract people back to the old-fashioned unique medium.

“It’s like a dream come true to be able to write a song for Neggico. When I saw connie (Negicco’s producer) for the first time in Niigata last year, I begged for a 7in analog release and for me to write a song for Negicco. I can’t believe you remembered it, let alone made both of them come true. And having met all 3 members of Negicco for the first time in March, they were so blindingly charming. I was moved by the fact that they had perfectly learnt my song, despite the fact that I had given them the song only 3 days ago. They were so cute. I’ve played this monumental song close to a 100 times at home already. I always dreamt of writing a song for an idol from when I was a high school student. I want to take this song and make him (myself in high school) listen to it. It was like, ‘the Kyohei Tsutsumi inside me’ burst out of me. This is rock n’ roll! It’s destructive! Hope you enjoy listening to it.”

-Yasuharu Konishi (coutesy of Barks Japan)

What do you think of this song? I, myself, find it cozy and fun; the “Idol Bakari Kikanaide” and “Zanen” part are catchy; and my head replays this song often in random times.

You can buy their song here.

So, maybe you shouldn’t listen to idol groups too much, but if really want to, listen to Negicco!


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