Another College Day I Can’t Recall

Anton’s note: originally written on October 10th, 2010. That’s 10-10-10 ^^. Oh, and it’s actually a quite good story!


One evening, there was a quiz held for me and my friends by a lecturer assistant. Let’s just call this man “XL”. It was an “Introduction to Business” quiz. The quiz itself was not so hard and it won’t be the main concern in this story. It was an event after the quiz which was correlated with a rule XL has made before the quiz which will be the main concern I’m trying to tell you. The rule was: I will count until five and you will have to submit your paper before I stop counting. If you late to submit, I will cut your score. Sounded strict, but it also sounded like a bluff.

We did the quiz just like a college student should. And when the time to stop came, I stopped and went to submit my paper, just like my classmates. Have you ever seen an hourglass? It always took sometime for all of the sands to move to the other glass room. Our condition was very similar to the hourglass… there was no sands, but people. A long unorganized queue was in front of me, and XL didn’t stop counting.  I wait patiently and lined up like a civilized human should, until I reached XL. He told me I was late. Whatever. I just smiled.

I told you his rule sounded like a bluff, didn’t I? It wasn’t. He cut my score.


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