Absorbed into the Kawaii Tornado

Hello, dear readers! Well, if you’re still around, I must say that you deserve an honorary citizenship in Anton World, a truly prestigious status, with unknown rights and responsibilities. I haven’t written a lot…more like an extended hiatus. I’m busy with this “salary man” life, but that’s probably just an excuse. I find writing is less charming now, especially after more blogs I have been following stop updating. But behold! I’m here now. The El Presidente of Anton World is sitting on the throne again. I will explain reason of my sudden motivation spark…in the future post 😛

Quick update on my life: still employed in milk industry (8 months, yay!), laptop got chronic illness (still love her though), new house (just a block from the old one), and currently following some idol groups, or “Japanesque Pop Group with emphasis in cuteness”, if you are offended by the word “idol”.

Yup, that last part is probably quite perplexing for some people (maybe?). I’d like to elaborate more on it in this post (not like people really care about it anyway, I just feel like posting about it XD)

It started out with a friend I met in college. He’s a big fan of 48 groups and I noticed that he got really vocal on twitter since the end of 2014. I clicked a few links he shared and… I think JKT48’s kawaii-ness (cuteness said in Japanesque style) got me. To be frank, their songs were the deal breaker. Cheesy lyrics, repetitive melody, and unremarkable vocal quality; those factors make their songs easy to sing and replay in my mind, but most of all, their songs give youthful and innocent impressions. They sing about dream, hope, love, and other things most people think are too cheesy to speak out. And that’s why I like them! Songs like “Sonichi”, “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?”, “Himawari”, and “Shiroi Shirt” are especially my favorites; hearing “it’s not futile”,”it’s alright”, “your hard work will pay off”, “tomorrow will be great”, etc, are definitely what I need these days and I can hear those words with every replay. Moreover, I can hear those young girls praising me in their love songs (okaaay…that sounds kinda wrong in some ways -_-).

JKT48 First Gen

Then my travel to Kawaii world didn’t stop there. I stumbled upon Sakura Gakuin, specifically their Nendo Test video, in Youtube. They are ADORABLE!!! I can’t stop watching more about them. I joined their fans subreddit, twitter, and facebook group. I know each member names (until the 2014 generation) and pretty much some part of their personality. This idol group is really different from JKT48, since there’s only 12 girls max in the group and you can grow a lot more attached to each one of them. Their shows are a lot more memorable too. Oh, and when the members graduated from ninth grade in real life, they have to graduate from Sakura Gakuin too! *sound of heartbreak and a lot of sobbing*  Check them out yourself!


Sakura Gakuin First Gen!
From left to right: (back) Nene-don, Hinata-chan, Suu-chan, Airi-chan, Ayaka-chan, Ayami-chan, Marippe, Raura the Panda Boss, (front) Yui-chan, Moa-chan, of course I can mention them all muahahaha…*pedo alarm


BABYMETAL was a sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin, but their members got graduated and now they are an independent group. BABYMETAL is AWESOME! They are the spearhead of a new genre that will shake the foundation of the world of music; Kawaii Metal. You will hate them or you will love them very much. Why? Imagine three cute young girls singing and dancing. Normal? Now, imagine they are singing Metal songs with the backing of Metal band, and one of the song’s theme is about eating chocolate and afraid of getting fat. WHAT?! Yup, that’s right. They are leading the Kawaii Metal Resistance and you can either join them or fight them.

They have been touring around the world, spreading the Kawaii Metal all over the globe. Notice that they’re not giving the goat horns sign (Metal symbol), but kitsune or fox ears sign with their hands! War is on!

Random fact: I got a pillow with BABYMETAL girls picture on it!!! (don’t tell my parents)

Violently cute!

And the most recent would be Negicco. You might not have heard about them before, but they are the one that gave me a spark of motivation to end my hiatus in Anton World. I will write more about them in a new post for they deserve their own post (or more posts). For now, just watch this:

Anton’s note: the idea for this post was actually conceived after the post “Negicco and I”, but I thought I need to give short explanation on how my life turned out. I started writing this on Saturday midnight in a very sleepy mode. I decided to post it right away and update it over and over later. It’s a style I’m experimenting on to end this hiatus. So, check out this post again in the future and it might not be the same!


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