That Odd One

Anton’s note: originally written in January 10th, 2014.

My junior told me a very interesting story some weeks ago; it was a story from her school day about her odd friend. Why was this person odd? Let me tell you the way I remember the two instances she mentioned to describe that person.

First story, it was an examination situation. What’s the first thing came to your mind when you hear high school examination? Cheating. And, yes, it was an organized cheating scheme. The smart students tried to finish the exam as soon as their intelligence allowed and they passed their answer to another students afterwards. This odd person refused to accept that cheating sheet and refused to pass it to people around. This odd person was quite a public enemy.

Second story, it was a normal school day. There was this particular hungry, if not starving, student in the middle of teaching session, and it was normal for school in Indonesia to prohibit food consumption while teaching session is in progress. And so the class conspired to smuggle some biscuits to this hungry student’s desk. The odd student took notice as the biscuits passed around and arrived at the hungry student’s desk, grabbed it before it was consumed, and reported the activity to the teacher. What a snitch!

Is this a kind of hero we all need in our society? The one who stand up at odds against the world.

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