What If “Yes, You Can!” is True

I watched Elysium this afternoon and the curing machine was interesting for me, though probably not an original idea; many fiction stories have things similar like it. Then, this evening I browsed some reviews about Elysium and what idea the writer tried to convey to the audience, and, hey, I stumbled upon an interesting term: transhumanism, after some clicks, it lead me to a page titled “The World’s Most Dangerous Ideas”.

What is it actually? To put it in a simple way, transhumanism is an idea with an appealing goal: to greatly enhance humans. Francis Fukuyama, in his writing about transhumanism for FB even put it as “to liberate the human race from its biological constraints”. When I heard it, I imagined a cure for cancer, for every kind of illness (maybe not psychological ones), and even aging process. You don’t have to die. Your families, your friends, they don’t have to die or sick or get old. And it can also mean you can change everything about your body, parts you don’t like, blemishes, birthmarks, and deformities. Furthermore, you can be smarter, nicer, all desirable traits are yours to choose.

Wikipedia put this picture on the page about transhumanism. Very amusing, right?!

It sound wonderful, isn’t it? But it’s also scary for me. Call me weird, but I think limitations are necessary. Limitations are what make humans human. A very irrational and fundamentally weak argument, I must admit, but I think this is where I stand right now. I’m not perfect and that makes me feel good. “No, you can’t!” is a lot more comfortable for someone like me.

What do you think? Share you thought!

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

– A popular Serenity Prayer


4 thoughts on “What If “Yes, You Can!” is True

  1. Aduh Anton.. Bener banget. Emang dua2nya bener deh. “Yes, you can” but in the same time, “No, you can’t!”. *pengalamanpribadi*

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