A Hero Once

Hey, how’s your Christmas and New Year celebrations? Fun? My friend told me she’s going to get drunk with her boyfriend for New Year celebration. I myself spent my 31st replaying ES: Skyrim and watching Korean movies: Marine Boy and Quiz King.

Anyway, I suddenly had a flashback about my time in high school. I was a junior high school boy and it was on a sport session. The class was divided into teams and we were going to have a basketball match. I was put in a team with “unfit” members; outcast, nerds, favorite bullying victim. No, I’m sorry for giving a prejudicial label on my team mates. I merely trying to describe the condition of my team. I was not different, I was an “unfit” as well. And there was this particular bully who laughed at us as soon as the teams were decided, calling us names, telling us we’re going to lose as soon as we get into the match. My team mates, I remembered, looked up to me that time. I don’t know if my memory is tampered, but, I’m telling you the way I remember it. I was like an elected captain in my team, my team mates asked me what we should do, what strategy we should employ, etc. I felt great, but that was not the best feeling that day. Remember that bully I mentioned earlier? My team beat his team. It was sublime. I felt like a protagonist of a conventional good vs evil story; where the hero fought against great and powerful evil forces with thin chance of victory but the hero prevailed anyway against all odds. I don’t remember ever feeling that way anymore since that day.

I was a hero once, and it felt great.


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