On The Good Side?


I encountered an interesting event this afternoon. I was walking back to my lodging on the 2nd floor when I saw a fight between three kids, probably 4 years old, and a cat. One of the kids held a kitten on his hand and another kid was trying to pull a kitten from the cat’s mouth. I asked one of the kid what were they doing and he replied that they were trying to save the kittens from being eaten by a cat. That cat, however, is the mother of those kittens and I’m quite sure about it; I encountered that cat when she was pregnant and I watched her sleeping with those kittens once. So, I think that cat was trying to take her kittens away from those kids by picking her kittens with her mouth and these kids thought she was trying to eat those kittens. Seemed like a big misunderstanding.

But the point of the story is about thinking carefully about righteousness-motivated action. Those kids thought they were on the good side by trying to protect the lives of the kittens from a cannibalistic feline; that cat thought she’s trying to protect her children from three giant carnivores.

Does it sound familiar? Big examples are big nations going to war to help, to promote democracy, to preserve stability, et cetera. But aren’t we all do something like that in our life? Think about it!

I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire!
―Darth Vader


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