Falling Books

One of my limited friends, who goes by the name Natasya, once told me of her not so mood-lifting experience. She was once given responsibility to ensure the success of an event. The preparation was bumpy, with setbacks here and there; the process, at the very least, wasn’t easy for her. Her organization – or if you think it’s not save to attribute it to an organization since organization itself is not “living” in a conventional perspective, the people in her organization – was constantly asking her about the progress of the project, which she strongly told me was highly uncomfortable for her. She restrained herself from entering her office, from meeting her co-workers, because, as she described it to me, felt like “being hit with phone books from every direction”. Questions like “how’s your project going?” and even the stare of her co-workers were significantly devastating for her.

I didn’t know if I can ever truly understand her feeling, I wasn’t her, and that experience wasn’t mine; but now I can relate. I’m not sure if this is the kind of feeling she had, but the pattern is similar enough. I’m feeling like “being hit with phone books from every direction” every time people asked me about the organization I’m entrusted with. And similarly, I’m restraining myself from entering my office because my co-workers look me with “it’s your fault” kind of look. But she stayed strong, and so will I.

On a highly unrelated trivial note, she was the first student I voluntarily introduced my name to on my university ground. And no, the introduction wasn’t started with pick up line.


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