Similar in a Funny Way

Have you heard about Jesus, my dear reader? And no, I’m not trying to christen you, at least not directly through this post. He admitted he came from heaven, he knew what’s it like; a lot of room for everyone and very comfortable for everyone, he also knew how to get there. And somehow, he was so eager to persuade people to come with him and live there with him.

You know what, I realized Jesus’s behavior has a similarity with a particular phenomenon around me. I was watching a news about mudik, a term used to describe an exodus of urban population back to their hometown, since many urban population comes from rural area or another town, especially Jakarta dwellers who have origin from many corners of Indonesia. These “I’ll be home for Christmas or Lebaran” people tend to bring their relatives to Jakarta with so many reasons: Jakarta is a big city, there’s a lot of job around, a lot of money to make, a lot of facility and luxury and technological awesomeness to enjoy, yup, and I, your dear relative, am the witness to all of that and I have a house there where you can stay temporarily and I know how to get there and how to live in the environment, so, just come with me and it will be fun, I promise! And that, my friend, is how Jakarta got overpopulated.

Now, don’t you think those people have similarity with Jesus in a funny way? The big point is, I think, both of them have really get to the better place (Jakarta or heaven), and that good experience drives them to ask people they loved to come over. What do you think? Share it with me!

P.S. Probably the last post on 2012


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