Reviewing Accusation on Religion as The Culprit of Violence*TUh7eY2Dx9kYqSWg**RZA5wxMVe*/WhyIDontLikeReligionFamilyGuySaidItPrettyWell.png

It is quite a common trend in the internet today to give negative comments or expressing unfavorable opinions on religion. The strip above for example is implying how faith caused hatred and violence among men who previously didn’t have “reason not to like” each other. Such paradigm can’t fully attributed as their fault, for there were and are wars with actors from one or both side claiming their war as “holy” and made the war attributed to the religions.

But don’t you think it happens to every other cause too? Isn’t the real problem is actually the human? Some people want more power, or want to take resource from others, thus they get up from their bed, searching everywhere trying to find a casus belli to rally people into their side, and religion is probably the strongest one around. Or some people misinterpret, or misled and misguided, into believing that it is their right or obligation, bestowed by the Divines, to incite violence. It is one’s own emotion, in form of hatred, greed, envy, or fear, that motivates one’s hand to strike one’s knife into the heart of one’s kin. Religion is just one from many tool used to justify the violence, manipulated to promote more violence.

It is interesting to note that religion is an important part in society, an integral part that helped society turned into the one we are living in now. If we see violence as a problem, then shouldn’t we see the whole society, rather than just a part of it, as the one who cause it, or the one who is plagued by it. The society is sick, plagued by a kind of cancer which has spread all over the body, and amputating one part of it is not a cure.


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