Change of Dream?

I used to picture myself in the future as a middle class working adult, who go to work in the morning with white-collar suit and ties. I will work from Monday to Friday with normal working hours for income enough for my family. I will have a son and a daughter, with a wife I loved, in a normal house we owned. I probably will name my son Gilang, after my childhood best friend, and my daughter Antonita or Antoinette, like my name and my father’s. I will see my children first steps, see them entering high school, watch them advancing to college and probably taking my place at Kukusan, listen to their first time on their job  story, meet their life partners, or even better, their children, and finally spending my retirement days with the girl I’ve been growing old with. I think it represents everything I wish for in this life: a stable job and a family. But recently, I think I have another idea for my life.

I’m thinking of opening a cafe with my living space on the second floor, in the middle of a business offices area. It will be just a small cafe like Central Perk at Friends, or the Coffee Bean where the protagonists of Coffee Bean Show works at. Every cup of coffee in my cafe will be special, the beans would be personally blended by me or my employee right when the customer ordered it, put it in the coffee maker, and put it in the mug. It will be slow and inefficient, but I’m the boss and I think life needs inefficiency. Every regulars in my cafe will be known by name by me and my employees and we will know each other’s life story. It will be like a big family. The cafe would have a small music studio in the back and   available for office employees who wants to let go some steam after their hard days at work. After some session at the studio, we will encourage them to perform live at our cafe by giving them some free food tickets so they can treat their co-workers to see their first gig. I don’t expect a lot of customers, but a few regulars is enough to satisfy me. I’ll treat my employees as if we’re high school friends. We’ll spend many moments together, share so much, and have a trip around Indonesia for coffee bean hunting. I’ll call the cafe Anton’s. And the best thing, I’ll live there, on the second floor to be exact. So every morning, I will wake up knowing that I will smell a good coffe and meet my friends just by going down the stairs.

In my latter dream, it doesn’t involve family like the earlier dream. I don’t really consider having wife or kids as something so important any more, substituted by the presence of friends I did not really care in the earlier dream. I don’t know, does my life so far has altered my emphasis on life?

Welcome to Anton World, where things change eventually…


EID MUBARAK, ladies and gentlemen !!!


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