My First Election

Yup, this is my first time to vote in a formal election for somebody in the governmental position. Quite a festive event for me to finally be able to join the democratic fiesta!

There were some memorable cases of this day.

The first of all, there was an sms at 00:40 WIB from an unknown number suggesting me to vote for a particular governor candidate. It was probably meant as a “Serangan Fajar”, but they forgot one crucial thing, they didn’t send me the money. What did they expect? I will do as they say for the sleep deprivation they gave me?!  Obviously, they are oblivious how inept they are at this kind of job.

Then, the paint, that purple paint on the tip of my pinkie, every Jakarta citizen pinkie. When I dipped my pinkie in, it was green colored, an odd green. I looked at the cartridge and it was purple. Bizarre! I have no idea why it was green on my pinkie, and apparently many of friends encounter the same occurrence. Of course, it doesn’t stay for long, it changed to purple after I tried to wash it. It was an interesting topic to discuss that day. Anyway, the paint was very hard to wash and it stick everywhere. Troublesome it was.

The last was about the political view. I had a different candidate in mind from my family or my friends. I didn’t like the way they explicitly discredit the candidate in my mind and endorse the candidate they support. I mean, c’mon, it’s not like you’re in the right side. These candidates were not purely good or purely evil and all they could give was promise, “words” the way the Bee Gees put it. Anyway, I shares the same candidate in mind with an Ojek, who’s the grassroots champion now, huh?!


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