Nice guide for this looooong holiday!


I read this article “50 + 1 yang Seru dan Asyik dari Jakarta” on Rider’s Digest Indonesia, June 2008 edition. Bought it for IDR 20.000 (about US$ 2,20) only. It’s less expensive that the US version (US$ 2,99) which I bought in Cairo – Egypt for EG£ 34 or about IDR 60.000!

It’s not the price that I’m going to talk about, but the city or even cities! There were cities where I’ve been to, and absolutely many more that I’m going to visit. Each of my trips had its own mission. This time, I’ve just spent two whole weeks in Cairo with the same mission: taking my chances in love. Mission accomplishment: failed. It’s just like my “30 days of love seeking in Europe”: failed. Believe me, I’d fly thousands miles just to see the man I fall in love with, to take my chances.

Anyway, I’m not going…

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