Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Pot calling the kettle black, an interesting idiom. Let me give some brief examples to describe what this idiom trying to express.

There was once upon a time a boy, let’s call him Nes, who sulked and complained about how his subordinate left a very important task for a trivial reason, a weekend holiday, and eventually forced him to do the burdensome task himself. A couple of months later, this very same boy, abandon a task coming from his superior for a different kind, but with similar ridiculousness, trivial reason; he’s in shortage of penny, while the task requires not more than will and energy. He, in my perspective, showed even more impoliteness to his superior in his rejection of the task compared to what his subordinate had done before. This is pot calling the kettle black.

There was also this different boy, let’s call him Fiveio, who complained about his superior was lazy and did not do his duty properly. And guess what, he, also in my perspective, neglect his duty. This is pot calling the kettle black.

The latter especially, brought me a degree of rage. He told me to read a religious book. He complained over and over about his superior’s laziness. He blamed pretty much every setbacks at his superior. Well, I guess I have a look of a kindergarten teacher, so that every kid in the class come to me complaining and sulking for every unwanted deed coming from their friends.

And my dear reader, I am not different so much from these two characters. Just another “pot calling the kettle black”. My friend told me to tell my feeling, my story, to somebody to make me feel better, and here it is. This is my refuge and I hope you understand how much anger I’m pouring to this world, my world.


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