Fun Train Ride

Going back home to Jakarta from Depok requires me to take the train. A dull trip indeed, deadly boring travel. I’m just standing (or sitting when I’m lucky) for almost an eternity. But maybe that’s not absolutely true. Boredom is a state of mind, and you can always make it fun when you see it differently. So, here’s some funny or interesting events I encountered in my previous trips on the iron carriage.


Some men trying to take out big bamboo benches and ladders. The benches were large and the ladders were looong. I made a bet with myself that they won’t make it, but alas, I’ve forgotten the fact that when you can get them in, it’s almost unlikely you can’t get them out. And yes, they successfully took those bamboos with some funny move, some yells, and a lot of laugh.

Trusting Peddler, Trustworthy Consumer

It is not an awkward scene for many train commuters to have peddlers putting their goods on their laps (or any part of your body they can put their goods on), muttering something (about  their goods or how legal their job is, or whatever), and left. Then, after 15 minutes or so, they come back for their goods and to receive payments if anyone buy their goods.

I think it takes a lot of trust to get into this kind of business. Look at the bad possibilities: runaway customers, stolen goods, payment refusal, damaged goods, etc. And there’s no guarantee that law and justice will be upheld at all on a train. So, for me, it implies that this kind of peddlers have faith in train commuters, which resulted from a good history of clean transactions, which also implies that these commuters are trustworthy.

Toxic Waste Area

Expect a bumpy ride when you ride on a train, that’s why you should get a grip. And guess what?! I saw it with my own eyes: a man picking his nose and stroke his upil (dried snot? idk) on the grip. Gross!!! And I imagined somebody else had done the same thing on my grip. It’s not impossible, since hundreds and thousands had touch this very grip and I don’t think anyone had clean it in a daily basis. So, beware, train is a toxic waste area!!!

Battle of the Bands!!!

Train is like a music festival stage; you can see about two or three live performances in a one hour ride from different bands. There’s blind man band (consists of blind man and his loyal guide), children band (children with rag cloths), seems-like-a-widow and her daughter band, and more serious bands. Their standard equipment is a speaker (imagine that, more classy than the bands on buses) and the more serious band brings about two or three speakers with a mixer, effect, electric guitars, and drum (no kidding, they’re serious after all). Many of them sing dangdut, old songs, mellow songs, but there’s also those who seriously perform rock and pop songs, and I love it when they do so. Hey, a good song to accompany you makes a fun ride, right?


3 thoughts on “Fun Train Ride

  1. it’s been long time since your last post. glad to see you back 🙂

    from your story, i think you write about the economy class train, rite? esp the part of “peddlers” and “band” ? cmiiw.

    well. as a daily user, though i rarely take the economy class, i can add another “feature” such as “a clown” and “insane people alive”. yes, a clown, walking and begging for money while doing some stupid but not-so-funny act. or insane people, yes, literally people who are losing their sanity and suppose to be in the mental institute. maybe if you have some luck, you’ll meet them someday. because i did.

    last, as a friend, i dont recomend you to take the economy class, unless in the very urgent situation considering its safety. it is very dangerous there. not only for high sexual harrasment rate (note, this is not only for female, but male as well), but also for its crime rate.

    it would be lucky to only lost phone or wallet. how about losing part of your body or worst, life. read the paper and you’ll see even that train isnt safe for male. it is quite often to hear in the paper about male passengers losing their life or part of their body because the pickpocketers push their victims out of the train! (believe it or not, this happened to my senior in my faculty, though he was safe with only minor injuries)

    i think it’s better to pay 6000 and arrive safely than pay 1500 with the higher risk 😀

    1. wow, Princess M, my cute loyal reader! Long time no comment!

      I’ve met the “insane” one, and he’s just making gibberish with threatening attitude. Scary, but also funny in a way. He’s kind of creative to find a job as unique as this one.

      Thank you for your concern, love! ^_^
      I know, my parents tell the same thing all the time. It’s more about the time actually, sometime I got late and economy class is the only one coming!
      But I’ll try to comply with your advise.

      Btw, don’t you think it’s the same with Indonesia? Foreigners see Indonesia as a terrorist lair, disaster center, etc. But we’re still here with our silly grin proud to be born and live here.

  2. i understand what you mean, but i still think it is different condition.

    For indonesia’s case, it is all because foreigners havent got a chance for coming to see indonesia directly. meanwhile, we all have experienced (or at least, see) the train case with our own eyes, rite? so i think it’s fair judgement after we see things 😀

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